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The people that came up with and approved this program should quietly resign to preserve some dignity. The entire company at all levels are laughing at this joke of an initiative. BOBO this you dummies! need to find another line of work.
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Consistent Turnover

The only thing consistent at Advance is turnover. If you look on starting line every month they graduate 100+ new managers in Roanoke from management training. They sure aren't opening no new stores, so what does that tell you? When you treat people... read more
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Elimination of CAM/CSM Position

Looks like the predictions are coming true. Commercial sales field positions being eliminated in favor of retail and online sales focus. Store GM & CPP to handle all commercial contact going forward. Internal announcement forthcoming.
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More Layoffs Coming?

I heard a rumor there was another layoff coming soon. Can anyone confirm or deny?
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Restoration car market bubble popped

AAP and the entire car part market benefited from the biggest bubble in resto car prices ever. Loads of garages opening up specifically to make and sell resto cars drove parts market. Prices have been falling for around a year or so from crazy... read more
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Culture of Failure

There are many things that make a company great. Likewise, there are others which dictate imminent failure. Some examples that will lead to the death of Advance Auto Parts are; *Failure to sincerely recognize people. You are just a number at AAP. *No... read more
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Retention Payouts

As someone who is exposed to the store group payroll analysis, I noticed a large amount of payroll fluctuations in upcoming payroll. When I inquired thinking it was an error, I discovered these were payouts to retain our better store group performers... read more
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Wage Reduction Initiative

A new initiative to reduce payroll will begin In P1 at the store personnel and management level. 1. Reduce bonus potential for CAMs and GMs. 2. Convert as many FT team members to PT as possible. 3. Increase DM store count to reduce number of active... read more
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Worth a read

We the peons unite and except only those at top of the food chain at advance receive any kind of compensation, recognition. The rest of us get our hours cut, assigned extra tasks, and told to work harder and to prepare for more cuts to hours in 2018... read more
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Why punish your best producers?

The new pay plan punishes the top producers. My bonus will be half of what it was last year. The non-producers who never saw a bonus will benefit from the new compensation plan. You only have to hit 75% of GM target to make some money. Top producers... read more
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Las Vegas store closure

Word on the streets is more Las Vegas stores are getting ready to close!!! Is it true?
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When's the last time anybody saw a pay raise? All I've seen is the board of directors passing out stock to each other all year like they're Santa Claus. At the same time everybody's hours have been cut in the stores lowering our paychecks. This... read more
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interstate batteries will save us!!

How many of you think that we are to far gone and will be prime for the buyout that's coming, or that interstate batteries will save us from certain doom?
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Interstate Batteries

Going to be interesting to see the reaction of commercial customers when all Advance locations stock Interstate Batteries in the spring.
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AAP Takeover

AAP is now considered a takeover target (per Jim Cramer CNBC). Other than Carl Icahn, who would want to buy this train wreck?
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CQ Independent Exit Strategy

How many of you CQ Independent owners have an exit strategy from AAP? Could be from retirement, health issues, or that Advance dumps you. I am weighing my options and have wondered what other owners may be doing. I was approached by another supplier... read more
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AAP giving rides now??

Went on the site on my phone and it says *call *get directions *get a ride uber link maybe? The link would not work but check it out I have a screenshot but can't figure out how to post here
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Christmas Party?

Do any Advance stores have a Christmas party for employees? I've had several of my people comment that the local carquest guys are having a party as they have always done at their store. Several of my drivers were invited but no one else.
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Will you stay or will you go?

Auto Zone and O' riles looking for good people! They treat you better!
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Sale your stock and be happy

A smart person sales the stock and invest else where! Good people let go and no thanks! No parts, put some in each store and deliver from any where, what a joke! Gas baby, gas, baby!
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6 day work week

Has anyone else went to a 6 day work week? That's the new direction all the GM's received in my district. Effective immediately.
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Failure of layoffs

When a company underperforms, they always cut payroll because it's the easiest thing to cut fast. But it always causes customer service issues and lost sales for months to come. Then they see even worse numbers and figure if they add hours to... read more
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Attacking independents

In my area(Maine) we've been given print outs of their customers purchases and pricing and told to go after them full bore.I don't like this,I don't think it will work,and will piss off the independents.The fact that we have access to all their info... read more
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CAM safe for at least two years

There is nothing in the works about eliminating the CSM or CAM position. They have plans put in place for the CAM position until 2020 I know of for sure. 20000 TNP accounts is one of the goals. Not sure where this poster got the info, but any chance... read more
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Cookies for Joe?

As a longtime CAM, it’s the time of year where my customers start looking for Christmas goodies from their vendors. As usual, it becomes a bit of a competition between suppliers as the customers always throw in your face what your competitor did... read more
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