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Our training is atrocious

the one who started 6 months ago. Again, I have worked for different companies and call center.... I am still filled with major anxiety and find it dreadful to come to work because the complicated nature and many systems I am not proficient on. I... read more
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More Layoffs to Come

I was let go a few months back. Was told this was the result of office location analysis throughout the U.S. and impacts those locations deemed to be located in "non-strategic market locations." Personally I know the a new president in major accounts... read more
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No longer drinking the ADP Kool-aid!

I was set go from ADP several months ago. It was a shock as I worked 15+ years with the company. I had been worried about all the rumors about offices closings. I never thought it would happen. Now, they are looking to save a buck by hiring college... read more
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Future of CEO job

Perhaps after the new board members dump Carlos as CEO they can offer him a new position working at one of the new call centers. After all Carlos remember it no longer makes sense to have offices across the country with non productive associates and... read more
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Many disillusioned employees

These are my observations over the course of several decades with ADP. My colleagues agreed with me. I saw new hired employees that were raring to go, full of energy, and optimistic about ADP get disillusioned within a year or two when seeing the... read more
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As they say 'Be careful what you wish for... it just might bite you back at some time'. So now ADP leadership is worried about their own jobs due to the Bill Ackman stake in ADP wanting to change direction within the company AND new leadership!!... read more
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CEO looked like a joke on TV interview

Carlos made himself look bad in his tv interview the other day bashing on the other guy who wants him out as CEO. Six years is long enough let's all hope the new board members get rid of him.
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A disaster

It seems the pathetic coward, Carlos Rodriguez is now worried about his own a--. I have no doubt Bill Ackman is simply another greedy slob who is concerned about nothing other than the share price, and having him get a Seat on the board will in no... read more
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Award statues

I find it very tacky and disgraceful that ADP can announce a closing of a office and tell people they are losing thier jobs in 90 days then a few days later hand out awards to people working out of the same office that's closing. Save some jobs... read more
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Firing people to avoid severances

If you get laid off at ADP you may get a severance package. I did when I got laid off more than a year ago, but I noticed that many associates that are being laid off nowadays are being fired for "not being productive enough". It seems that the... read more
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ADP severance question

If they lay you off, you'll get a severance package and it's a pretty good one. I was laid off and got 20 weeks severance after 8 years. Another teammate was laid off, after 28 years at ADP, and got 26 weeks. Hang around for the severance and then... read more
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Does ADP still have a rule in place for people who do work from home you can't have younger children in the house while working at home? This was a requirement at one time however I think they might have changed the rules.
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Can we sue ADP for ageism?

Does anybody know if anybody actually tried to sue ADP for ageism, and is it even an option? A friend has been let go after decades with the company for no reason. He was always an exemplary employee, with clean record, and yet his spot has been... read more
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This is wrong on so many levels

Not only are the firing tenured employees, managers are being given mandates to give 1 person on their team - usually the highest paid one- a bad review so that they don't qualify for a raise. So, HR tells them to figure out any tiny little think to... read more
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Coast to Coast closings

Besides retail stores I can't recall any business in the United States ever closing up this many office locations ever before across the country.
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Homeshore option at ADP

I have seen several people mention that some employees were offered a homeshore option by ADP after their offices were closed. This could be a really good option for me if it turns out to be true, even if it's just a short term solution. Can anybody... read more
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Another closing

Buffalo NY office is closing at the end of September.
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July 1 2017 Layoffs for Tech Support

After 27 very successful years at ADP, I am walking before my layoff. The culture has changed dramatically with our latest CEO. Home-shored employees are asked to move to a state with one of the new southern mega centers, else be laid off. The focus... read more
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You get what you give

If you don't think ADP aggressively lays off employees that have health issues you have your head in the sand. I worked for ADP for over 5 years with a steady progression in responsibilities including multiple promotions but when I began suffering... read more
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Congratulations to Carlos Rodriguez!

Congratulations to ADP CEO Carlos Rodriguez! He has been honored as among the 7 most likable SaaS CEO'S with a likability score of 83.6 out of 100. See / I wonder how many ADP associates voted in his favor? Perhaps it was the... read more
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Large Companies Are Leaving California

Can't blame a company for leaving CA. All the taxes and over regulation, you get what you vote for. Other than that yeah... ADP is heading downhill fast.
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I worked a total of 5 hellish years at ADP. Very management centric produce no matter what environment. Work life balance was a joke - more than half of EEs have accrued so much unused vacation time they'll never use it. Also a very white, male... read more
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Pre-office closing layoffs of employees

This may be a coincidence but I am wondering if anyone else has had similar things happen in their service centers. It seems some of the employees that are being let go prior to offices closing are employees who have medical conditions. I know of 3... read more
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There may be an explanation about this insanity!

There may be an explanation about this insanity, although if true it is irresponsibly scary. I worked for ADP for many years. Most companies are client-centric in that the client is King and everything has to be done to keep them satisfied. It is a... read more
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ADPs best days are over!

ADPs best days are over. This company will fall and cease to exist. The latest Sr Mgmt jabber is a "2020 vision". I wonder if thats when they think the fruits of their glorious RIFs, cutbacks, restructure, and hiring millenials will come to pass. We... read more
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I have looked around for news sites that might be interested in reporting on this ADP mess and have found This news site does cover stories about employer abuses. I just wrote them an email inviting them to look into this. I suggest... read more
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ADP a career?

I am not sure why people would consider ADP a career I currently work there, and there is no possible way I would stay here. Too much high-school like drama I am a grown man I don't have time for that.
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Some people cannot handle the truth. This information is too scary to process for many. Most prefer to stick their head in the sand and hope that this problem will go away. The paycheck is still coming in on time. Everything will work out. Everything... read more
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For the life of me I don't know why reps are not spreading he word. Some won't listen, there are always the Polly Anna types but people need to know so they can make life changing decisions with knowing they may be unemployed any day. I have been... read more
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ADO Used to be great

ADP was a great company to work for until 2000, then after Josh Weston left it was no longer an associate's company, but a shareholders only company. They stop giving new employers pension just to help the stock go up and make VP and above rich... read more
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California offices next?

Well now that the Northwest offices have been given notice of closure; California is prime target for building closures - high business taxes, associate friendly labor laws, higher wages due to cost of living, many employee's with high tenure, etc... read more
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Employees should forward comments to CNN and Fox business news regarding layoffs.
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Behind the office closings

ADP management has a two-fold purpose behind the office closings. First, management has decided that their employees earn too much money, and are replacing experienced workers with cheap, inexperienced lower paid employees. Second, management does... read more
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Pacific Nortwest

Just received word that all the Pacific Northwest got told there last day will be August 1st.
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Customer discount

Will ADP be offering lower rates to clients now to pass along the savings the company is making with the lower paid workforce ?
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Future closings

What is the time frame for the next announcement of closings?
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