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Overstaffed front office

overstaffed front office is a real problem. there are too many people with “trader” title do not trade, with “salesperson” title but do not sell. then you have lots of MDs who do not generate revenue but claim themselves “important” for revenue... read more
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Salary and inflation

When inflation goes up your salary should follow. It is one of the effects of higher inflation. You should keep an eye on raises and make sure they keep up with inflation.
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Is it time to fire your boss?

My manager encourages me to learn new things and apply the new knowledge I acquire to my work. Manager stated it doesn't matter what you do as long as you get the job done, don't break any rules and help us accomplish our future vision. I translated... read more
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VIP follows these posts

Nice to know people at such high levels follow these posts. Glad you enjoyed the live Space X launch. Will continue to posts. Maybe next time you can invite to the gathering. 😁
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New layoffs announced in GA

Kennesaw Estates unit, 162 people. . . Packages offered, late March / April timing for full exit.
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How to keep your job as middle management?

The answer is, grab as many headcounts as possible even though you don’t need that many. Your managers will on your back as they can’t cut your entire team if the team is big.
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Something smells fishy

I have noticed this strange smell for a few weeks now but I can't really tell what it is. Could it be a mergquisition?
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Random Drug Testing

I get the feeling many associates would be dismissed/fired if they had a random drug testing policy at work.
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Any information on upcoming layoffs?

If anyone knows anything about layoffs coming in the first quarter of 2018 please reply. If you can provide dates, and site, and which groups, and any other information you may have would be appreciated.
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The Talk

Were not comp and bonus discussions supposed to be wrapped up by 1/31?
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Happy Bday

What a way to celebrate your b-day with a Super Blue Blood Moon Happy b-day #9
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Countering the Dream Team

A corporate America dream team - Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase & Co. - are combining efforts to improve health care for their US employees. / How about BAC... read more
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Bad P&L?

If PnL is bad for everyone in team, will they replace director and MDs or let VPs be scapegoats?
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Associate actions?

I’m feeling a big one coming. Why else are the managers all in secret meetings?
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JPM investing in America

&JPM is investing twenty Billion dollars in the USA within the next 4-5 years. Opening many branches and hiring a lot of people. I may have to switch my account to &JPM.
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This board has turned into TMZ

There is so much being discussed on this board. Looked at other boards for financial companies and nothing compares. Why is that?
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Higher Bonus No Raise

What can one infer if your bonus was higher then last year but you did not receive an increase in your salary?
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S-xist Place to Work

Very s-xist place to work. Complaints are quieted or people get a slight 'coaching' if they report. Then the victim is picked at by the horde of people who support this vile culture. Worst perpetrators of this culture are other women.....they dress... read more
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Traders are overpaid?

Equities Trading first year VP get paid more than 200k base? That’s too much...
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Operational Excellence Path to Layoffs?

The latest is that all the areas are completing an "Operational Excellence" exercise, documenting functions across their customer facing, business operations and support areas. The project is supposed to last 3+ years. The communicated goal is to... read more
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Bonuses cancelled??

Anyone hear that the 1k bonus was the only one coming? I heard they’re doing away with bonuses this year. Really hoping that’s not the case; a lot of people depend on those!
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Something significant brewing?

In my GT&O organization (heavy back office ops LOB) we have seen a new level of executive disregard for forecasted volume, being severely understaffed, and micromanaging productivity 5 levels down. Many many signs point to a line of business sell off... read more
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Ineligable to be rehired -a form of BlackList

Find Lawyer =“cease and desist” letter to the former employer. This letter prohibits the former employer from releasing any information other than your job title and dates of employment. If you have been tagged and having problems finding interviews... read more
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Layoffs and etc 2018

Posting this to help move down the troll posts from Albany and other weird postings. It feels like a deliberate effort to bury real conversation about layoffs and other issues. Still hearing end of January and March for the 2nd wave. Also any MyWork... read more
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Sick but working

The last 3 weeks I noticed that several people are working while sick with respiratory complications possibly concerned to use their sickdays, I have seen this scenario several times at other organizations, but never thought I would see it at this... read more
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Apple Pay vs Zelle vs Google Wallet

I have tried Zelle before with friends and coworkers and they found it extremely hard to set up and accept payments. It was so difficult for people accepting the payments that they would either not charge me or made me cancel the payment and give... read more
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Contractor status

I was let go do to a small issue. As a contractor, to I have any recourse? I never even got to tell my side of the story.
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