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Laid off part timers?

Was anyone else working part time and laid off? I wasn't costing the company anything in insurance, and I was barely above normal pay. Management had talked about the lead position going away and I wish I requested to be bumped down at the time... read more
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Anyone know how many CBDMs have been laid off?
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Non-compete clause?

Am I reading this right? Is there a non-compete clause in the paperwork for severance?
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So can you collect unemployment after severance or is it instead of severance? Is medical included in the severance package?
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Which stores not affected?

Does anyone know which (if any) B&N stores (non-college), namely in California (and especially in Northern California) were not affected by the lay-offs? Or how to find out?
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Medical benefits

Does anyone know how long our medical is good for or has it expired already?
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It's called a liquidation sale...your next.

The reason b&n have lowered the staffing so abruptly is to: Increase the productivity of the parttimers and the remaining managers. You need stupid people to keep the ships together while the management golden parachutes out with their stock before... read more
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Just got my severance package

Inside they nicely included a list of all the receiving managers who got canned. No names, just ages and position. I counted the list. 903 And that's just receiving managers, I can only imagine what the other tallies are. -_-
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Should done the lay offs from the very top

I’ve worked at B&N for 16 and I’ve seen a few things, to quote the insurance company. Starting this job was the most fun thing I’d ever done for myself. I loved shelving! Then I did cash registering and waiting on customers. Can’t count the managers... read more
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Deceived by SM

I was a head cashier. Last fall I applied for my store's vacant merch manager position and was turned down, never quite getting a straight answer as to why, besides that I lacked leadership experience (despite having been a HC for two years). At the... read more
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I don't know if all stores have community relation managers but ours does . Use to be the business he/she brought in counted as part of the stores sales. Now it does not (well 10% does) So if we have a large institution order rung up then hours are... read more
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DM's working Inventories

Anyone know why the DM's are working all the inventories. So different from previous years. Anyone know why?
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Thoughts on the new labor plan

I got out 3 years ago. Saw the writing on the wall years before, went back to school and moved on to a new industry. When I gave notice, I was treated horribly and told I was not eligible for rehire. I had 15 years experience. I had been a Cafe... read more
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Q3 Call March 1st 10am ET

Barnes & Noble, Inc. (NYSE: BKS) today announced the company will report fiscal 2018 third quarter earnings results on Thursday, March 1, before the market opens. The company will host an investor conference call at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time on... read more
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They Used to be Not Half Bad

When I started working at BN over 15 years ago, they offered benefits to all employees and their partners including part-timers. They were one of the first retail companies to offer domestic partner and same-s-x partner benefits. It was pretty... read more
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I got to work for a couple of hours before leaving

Since I was the receiving manager, I got to work for about 2 hours because the store manager had to wait for a specific FedEx package to arrive, which I received. The last package I signed for contained our final paychecks.
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And the next wave is the ASM's...delayed just a little

The original plan was to include the ASM layoffs at the same time. However, some folks at the area management and the home office levels, raised warnings. Initially, it was fear of leaving the stores too understaffed before new part-timers could be... read more
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No loyalty! Nothing Noble about them!

After 11 years of service Barnes and Noble spat in my face! Loyal, hard working, meant nothing in the end. Promised to be grandfathered in and on Monday,my digital lead and myself were let go. I can say that my manager was so saddened by this he... read more
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Why doesn’t corporate layoff?

It’s amazing that they’ll lay off long time worker bees, who actually know the business, but none of the corporate drones. >:(
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some information about the status of my store

So, my store did end up losing 4 people (2 head cashiers, 1 digital lead, 1 RM), most on Monday. I've talked to 2 off them and they seem to be ok although somewhat in shock as one would expect. The remaining staff--which is to say the now almost... read more
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Ugly nightmare

I was off Monday and I left some food in the fridge from the night before.. So I go in to get it and no one said a thing to me I saw one of the managers and she seemed sad. She hugged me and she said it was going to s--- Bacause they were short... read more
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Lost 3 amazing people at 2697... 😢 I’m so sorry this happened to everyone. You’re all beautiful and amazing people and I wish you all nothing but the best in your futures!
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Tasks Over Customer Service

As a former Store Manager.. I went to breakfast with a head cashier who was with the company for 11 years. One of 3 from that store to be let go. I coached her through breakfast. Fact is, B&N pays nothing compared to other companies. And expect a... read more
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Nothing better than the smell of a bookstore!!!

This is sad. Breaks my heart. I was a SM for a decade back in the day of stores opening faster than we could fill the shelves. I don’t think this is one person’s fault or the fault of one decision. B&N has done their best to survive, and it has... read more
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84 Years of Experience: Poof

In my store alone, five people were let go including me. That's five people with combined 84 years of experience. Gone, in a snap!
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NY stores have been shutting down left & right

Sorry to everyone that got affected this week. I've been hearing about the problem for quite some time now. Over here in NY stores have been shutting down left & right. The company's finances has been trickling down over the years ever since the... read more
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Leads layoffs

Leads are supposedly safe right now but I wouldn’t count on that jazz
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Warehouse Layoffs

Do you think warehouse jobs are safe? Do you think they will be laying off workers in warehouses?
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They Knew It

It wasn’t an unforseeable business circumstance, because we were told that the positions were being eliminated three months ago. But they assured us we wouldn’t be fired, they just wouldn’t refill them after we quit/retired. They saw it coming.
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our store made 8.3 million last year, on par to do it this year as well, and we still lost our RM. we had been told that stores above a certain threshold would have RMs stay, but not be replaced if they were to leave, but today we were told he had to... read more
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Demos Parneros Executive Compensation As Chief Executive Officer at BARNES & NOBLE INC, Demos Parneros made $2,257,143 in total compensation. Of this total $398,077 was received as a salary, $1,050,000 was received as a bonus, $0 was received in... read more
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Why get rid of the best?

We have lost probably three of the best workers at our store. I know it will not be long to start feeling their absence, simply because they were the driving force behind so many things here. What was B&N's thinking on this? Why not target... read more
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