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No more nascar

Lowe's, the home improvement chain that has sponsored Jimmie Johnson since his NASCAR Cup Series debut in 2001, announced Wednesday that it won't return to the seven-time champion's car after this season. The company is leaving the sport and will not... read more
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Lowe's handled this so wrong

Lowe's handled this so wrong. They kept telling people to find other positions and unless it was a position like 2 steps down or more they wouldn't consider you cause they want to reduce your salary. It's a joke. I am still a CSA 5 and have another... read more
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Paid for leads

Is this happening at your store? It was mentioned in the morning meeting that Lowes is paying associates $10.00 for each lead for the PSI/PSE sales people. Not sure it is when the lead is entered or when the sale is made. They made a big deal out of... read more
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Seasonal Hiring, Part Time Cuts, and Bonuses

Seasonal Hiring came to a screeching halt at our store. Even though they are still saying they are hiring, they aren't. Big banner outside hanging on the building is just for show. Totally lying to the public to make things look better then they are... read more
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"Year of accountability"

Fellow service, support, and assistant management staffers! Have you lately been questioned about knowingly minuscule things that now possibly put your job in jeapordy? I was invited to speak with our store Human Resources lately, and multiple... read more
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Lowe's February 2018 layoffs

Credit went today. They offered us a new position. Thanks, Lowe’s. 8 years of dedication and you just screwed me as well as the other who take on my workload with no pay increase. Any more info on yesterday's layoffs? Has anything else been hit? And... read more
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The Lowe's Pit

These corporate retail giants like Lowe's, are the pit. They could care less for you, or the general public. They are number crunchers only. If you are employed by one of these brutal monsters, you will have to deal with it. It will never change, and... read more
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Service Manager Training

The Service Manager Training "opportunity" is a joke. It is the same discriminatory selection as seems to be the norm with Lowes and what was discussed when they "transitioned" some department managers to service managers. Get rid of the older even... read more
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Lowes Tampa

Turn over is so high, most people make no effort to remember your name or what you do. People stop showing up. Refrigerator in break room is full of food from those who quit. Could not leave fast enough.Sad. The running joke is "Lend me 10 bucks, I... read more
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Lowes Tampa

10/30/18 Big meeting with Managers and District Manager...all had the look of "Death" you can see panic in there eyes....meeting was 9am to 630pm.....I expect major consolidation.
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As a lowes customer and not an employee I can say Sterling is a dirty word to me. God help me if I ask for a price adjustment or anything complex. That's an hour wait. I once had to ask a Lowes employee to call IT to fix an issue. She told me i had... read more
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Lay off request

Is it possible as a part timer to ask to be laid off from Lowes for a period of 3 months, due to personal reasons. Who has the final say so???
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LP's are turning on eachother

The LPs are useless at lowes. They are threatened with their job if they stop a bad guy. Apparently, the moral is so bad in the Highland, CA store that the LP threw another LP under the bus! I was told that the female LP in Highland had a... read more
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One year ago tomorrow

So how are all the ex-ASM’s doing one year later? I personally found a better position. Off every weekend and no nights. I’m paid a salary and work a 42 hour work week. With monthly bonus for my sales I’m making almost the same with a fraction of the... read more
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Is the only store I could not spend thousands of dollars at no matter how hard I tried. Jacksonville NC. First I tried to buy carpet, put my deposit waited for call from installers none came gave me my money back. Then I bought a stove waited for... read more
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D. E. Shaw

All bets are off now. D. E. Shaw an activist investment firm took a huge stack in Lowe's last week. Expect them to press for a couple Board seats and public accountability from Niblock. Street talk is Niblock and maybe even Matsbarger gone within a... read more
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There will be less ASM's. And less specialist or they will be gone altogether. Most people that make really good money at Lowe's will be phased out. There will be many more part-timers versus full timers. Most people that shop at Lowe's walk into the... read more
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They are adding additional service manager positions and eliminating asm I saw the documents, I have pictures but don't know how to upload a pic on here
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District Manager Meeting in Latham NY

Just found out that there was a big district manager meeting Thursday they plan to clean out ALL employees that are full time and part time for new hires they're even using an employment agency to fill the open spots! They are doing this due to the... read more
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Min wage $11 up to $1000 bonus

Now at Walmart. Now Nibs needs to hold off on any proposed layoffs and think about retaining employees. —-“Today, we are building on investments we’ve been making in associates, in their wages and skills development,” Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said... read more
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Wilkesboro, 964/907

To the ones on River Road, you are all about to have a rude awakening. Once the DFC opens in Tn, a lot of jobs will be lost. From what I’ve seen with the stores, I predict people who have been with Lowes for over 20 years will be the first to get ran... read more
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More call buttons anyone?

so did any other stores' SM run around last week testing each call button and order more to put up additional locations all in the name of providing better customer service? So they want to add even more f'ing call buttons yet don't hire enough... read more
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The highest paid Asm's to be released by February 25th all store meetings. 1,825 Asm's = $101,000,000.00 savings. Damron out because he didn't agree with latest phase.
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January 28 layoffs

There are currently over 2600 CSA 5 associates that are do to be cut January 28th 2018. If they do not find a permanent job, with most likely 30% paycut, then they will be let go... Not a rumor... 100% truth... They were given a year to find a job... read more
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More ASM Terminations February 2018

Stores to operate with 2 asm's and service managers only. Additional service mangers will be hired as needed. This time market directors will notify those being let go in person. No packages being sent out.
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SM Cut by 2/3

Just heard that there are plans in the works in 2018 to relieve some SM's of their positions and have one SM to cover three store locations.
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Time for the past

Retailconfessions. ...dotcom
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Solution for those who are unhappy or scared

It's real simple; QUIT! In California there are so many whiny cry babies. Lowes is so mean to me, they aren't family, Manager is..., SHUT UP! Its a "BUSINESS". It is designed to make money. You are NOT family. Of course they don't "CARE" about you... read more
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If you need a short term job....

Lowes has a deal for you. They have a bottle in the Managers office. They get everyone in a store meeting and spin it. If it lands on you....They send you out the bull pen gate..... to be rode off into the sunset.
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Do yo feel that big s---ing sound?

It's all the people running out the door with merchandise they never pay for. Lowes should just supply clean needles....Lot's of the stuff to shoot up in them....and lots of stolen merchandise to support their drug addicts habits. When a company... read more
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Do yo feel that big s---ing sound?

It's all the people running out the door with merchandise they never pay for. Lowes should just supply clean needles....Lot's of the stuff to shoot up in them....and lots of stolen merchandise to support their drug addicts habits. When a company... read more
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Firing if you do jobs on your off days?

My store recently fire 2 employees because they do contractor work on there time off. Any other store doing this? I thought what you do on your time is your business? Some people struggle to pay bills and this is there other source of income/
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Lowes fires employees because they try to prevent theft.

A company that in all likelihood....Will be bankrupt within the next 5 years time. No employee appreciation. They run employees through faster than a fast food restaurant. Shoplifters are better protected than their employees.
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Stay away from 1969!!!!!

First off find out if you are in a one party consent state if you are i suggest you start recording all the conversations with management. Trust me you need to do it 1969 is one of the worst stores because of a few people. The store manager is trash... read more
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Abusive relationship

Lowe's store associate is like being in abusive relationship. The tone & unfriendly attitude from store management is terrible. Crappy schedules, daily work load, stupid/petty management, understaffing, no training, talked to like you are an idiot... read more
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