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Centurylink layoffs begin 2018

Centurylink employees didn’t get a bonus this year because the new CEO got a six million dollar sign on bonus. The exact amount the employees would have gotten in their bonuses. La Crosse, WI Centurylink had begun laying off its already dwindling... read more
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Tennessee operations layoffs

Tennessee, NC,, GA, and SC operations Administrative layoffs happening now.
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quite layoffs start this Friday in national operations . no notice just an escort out the door . this is not a merger this a hostile take over . Comcast and AT&T announce bonuses . Glen Post announces, layoffs, no raise for 2018. we have been sold... read more
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Network Technician

Over 70 construction Layoffs announced Phoenix and Tucson area on 1-5-2018.
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Head count reductions in progress

Head count reductions in progress as of 1/3/2018 a voluntary notice went out to occupational employees. With the feeling that if the company didn’t achieve their goal a forced reduction would soon follow. A management a severance package will be... read more
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Please let me get a package for Christmas!

I finally see network planning meetings show up in my calendar and then they were pulled back immediately. (2) former tw/L3 buildings in South Denver to be closed. It's the 3rd week of January before L3 employees officially hit CenturyLink payroll... read more
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It's happening now, Ctl India in danger

Apparently 1700 employees received head count reduction notice. There are recent hires and experienced people working there heart out for Ctl. What was the need for level 3 merger? Why is Glen post silent on the things. Forcing employees to resign in... read more
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We need proper plan for the future

I've been with CTL for a while. In the past few years one thing has become apparent: this company has no proper plan for the future. It's mostly on the upper management. They've been in turmoil for a while now which made them incapable of either... read more
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Negative sales office enviroment

Sometimes I have to wonder if I spend my days at high school classroom or CenturyLink office. That's the level of discuss we have here. People spend every available minute they have gossiping and speculating about in or out of office relationships or... read more
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In Monroe, HR will roll your head to make room to hire the child of an executive!
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Monroe - IT / Product Development Layoffs

For all of you who cry that the media is hiding CenturyLink layoffs, and it's a big conspiracy check this out (link below). I am sure there is nothing 'hidden' when it comes to recent layoffs of 150+ folks. "As a result of our acquisition of Level 3... read more
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It's all about knowing the right people

There aren't many good things to say about CenturyLink, but there are so many bad I'm not sure where to start... Management is incompetent, biased, and useless... For example, they'll pick where to forward incoming calls, always choosing their... read more
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What happened to customer satisfaction?

I remember the time when CenturyLink was all about customer satisfaction. Where did those days go? To say that things have changed since then would be an understatement. Today, we don't even bother to train our support properly. I've seen people get... read more
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We have to consider the fact that after this MERGER layoffs are often accompanied by severance packages so I expect there to be some form of expense as a result of templates69.rus. Granted these expense will be one-time restructuring expenses. . Even... read more
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CenturyLink Layoffs 2018

I need to better understand if job cuts and layoffs will be happening this year in Monroe.
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The company is aware of overbilling!!!

As a previous employee and one that has contacted the integrity department about billing issues and spoke to the corporate office. It is about time they are being called on it. I have forwarded emails to corporate with account numbers that were being... read more
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Swirling the Bowl

After 35+ years it was finally time to abandon the sinking ship. Best move I ever made. All I can say to my past co-workers is do what you can to find something else, your mental health and happiness is worth far more than the wages. Without... read more
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CENTURYLINK is planning on selling out to VZ or ATT

After they get rid of Level 3, why do you think that they are selling all of the data centers? Hello. They are in as much debt as Level 3, so why would they buy more debt? XO was Level 3s backhaul. Verizon now owns XO. They will sell all of Level 3... read more
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CenturyLink Layoffs 2017

I need to escape from here now that many folks are talking about potential layoffs in Monroe.
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Layoffs at CL

Century link is laying off 8k by the end of the year, they are looking to outsource most of the operations overseas. Thats not even including Level 3 merger. All Management, HR, Directors, NOC and Field Techs. Former FTW, Contractors will be let go... read more
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Phoenix Nov Layoffs

New Phoenix area layoffs coming in November that impact craft workers. CenturyLink management cite slowing legacy units and high union labor costs as the driver. Layoffs expected to be in the neighborhood of 20 percent according to CEO and should... read more
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Treated bad

I loved my job also but when I was laid off last year I was treated with no respect from the company or the union I had no representation from union I had nearly 32 years service the company could alway depend on me to be there if there was ever a... read more
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When we were USWEST and QWEST...

I have been with this company for more then 20 yrs, i can say that when we were USWEST and QWEST it seems craft felt more secure, and happy, benefit packages were a lot better, we didn't use contractors for much of anything... There was a sense of... read more
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Hits continue...

But, layoffs at CentryLink today are just a continuation of the 1500 cuts we had in September 2015 - good luck to all associates...
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Early Retirement

I just retired early 2.5 weeks ago. It would have been nice if my VP could have dropped a hint that this was coming. I had a strong feeling they were leading up to this. First, in April they reduced the max severance almost in half to 30 weeks. Then... read more
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Service and Employees

Some things never change... I am so glad I was able to retire early and get out before it became Century Link. I have only heard bad things about them from folks on the inside. Service and employees are at the very bottom of priority list. So much... read more
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I must be one of the luckiest CTL employees.

This goes against what most are posting. I love my job. I work with a fantastic group of individuals lead by a boss with many years of field experience. We provide excellent customer service, we are treated fairly by management, and our tools and... read more
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Asleep at the wheel

I work for them. First week of the NFl and they give you The Red Zone for a couple of hours for free. Last year you could buy it but this year they roll it into a crappy bundle for twice the price so I don't get it. They cut off the feed at the end... read more
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Centurylink is the worst place to work.

Place is horrible, leadership has only worked for the same company or acquired companies. Have about as much of a chance of being a tech company as I do becoming Santa Clause. If you get whacked, your going to be better off. Filled with B and C... read more
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Cutting in sales

I suppose they will be cutting sales first, they usually fire everyone who cannot not meet their ridiculously high quota. Although, heard a rumor they will be asking for volunteers first. Guess we'll find out soon. Good luck to everyone.
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"More layoffs" letter from the CEO - 09-14-2016

Dear CenturyLink Colleagues, I am writing today to update you on our journey to transform CenturyLink as we adapt to rapid changes in our competitive and technological landscape. One thing I have learned about this transformation is that it is never... read more
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Laid off Last year

I got cut in Aug 2015 - there was 1000 of us that got an axe - it took me about 9 weeks to find another job, long story short, it turned out fairly good and I got a bit of a pay bump, my commute is much better and I get to work from home on Fridays -... read more
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Word today that Ctl is laying off 3000 employees by November
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