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Dow is dropping like a stone and our stock is one of the biggest tumblers right now. It's not just Chevron, thing are looking bad all around... read more
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After those fatalities last year in MCBU one expects demotion not promotion, well done M.W.! Here is how Chevron way truly is all about!!
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Chevron to acquire EQT?

Chevron to acquire EQT? We thought it would be many more years, but apparently not.
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Fidelity vs. Vanguard

Yesterday's WSJ article described how Fidelity is asking employers like Chevron to pay a 0.05% annual fee for any money in a Fidelity 401K that is invested in Vanguard funds. So if you have $1 million in your Chevron ESIP that is invested in Vanguard... read more
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Trump Tax Cuts: corporate multiplier?

Other companies (Honeywell, FedEx, Apple, Boeing, WellsFargo etc) are passing some of the Trump tax cuts to employees. Will the board reward employees by giving a higher corporate multiplier since its bonus time? Hope HR is listening...
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Female Execs

Oil companies seem to struggle to retain women workers. Chevron has low numbers of women in management despite apparent efforts to boost them. Many women seem to rise into middle and upper management, then burn out and quit. Some retire but others go... read more
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Leaders and Managers

Looking back over my career I have worked with some interesting bosses - -one was relegated back to worker status permanently after some behavioral issues. retired. -six were eventually sidelined to spineless staff advisor positions and then retired... read more
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Sick of whiners

I work with a old ES on a daily basis and all he does is complain about the system. I'm so sick of it and glad he's getting laid off. He's worked in our group for over 3 years and he has done nothing for our group of any significance. Constantly... read more
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Chevron Emergency Group

The Chevron Emergency Group has decided that the Houston offices will be open first thing on Wednesday. Not a delayed opening until the ice melts. Who are these tools? The mayor has said to stay off the roads!
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Professional Dress Code

Over the years I have seen the office dress code slip and slide from neckties to golf shirts to jeans to now god knows what. Casual Friday has bled over all the way to Monday. I see people in Hawaiian shirts, jeans and Converse tennis shoes. WTF. Are... read more
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SJV Post 2020?

Would like to know everyone’s thought/opinions post 2020. Keep hearing negative feedback from most. Most common complaint I’ve heard is that there has been no direction from leadership and most are sitting around with nothing to do. Would like to... read more
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Oil making a come-back

Oil price well into the sixties and projected to end the year in 80's. Chevron stock is close to all time highs. We will see many new highs throughout this year. Perhaps 160 by the end of this year? Thats a very modest expectation. Oil companies are... read more
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Rehiring former employees

Does anyone know if CVX will rehire folks who were part of the 2016 layoffs? How do you know if you are eligible ? ( sure this will invite the usual deadwood stuff)
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How are things in ABU? All layoffs done and dusted? Or anymore on the way
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Censored posts?

Why are posts here being censored. I left a very new year nice message for Chevron of how happy I was and it got deleted. Seriously? Yes used a bit of colorful language but not even close what I've seen here. Seriously?????????
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Certainly seems to have given a boost to the stock price.
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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas to all of you current and future laid off Chevroids. Hope you have a wonderful day and that 2018 will be better for you and your family.
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The Harvey Weinstein’s in Chevron

I saw some horrible things when I was at chevron over my 15 year plus carrier. It did nothing for developing me as a good person in society. I had a Harvey as a boss and as a male employee we had to participate in Harveys exploited while on the road... read more
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How many super highly paid expats with their zillion allowances are out there? Each expat is at least a million dollars in cost. Eliminate 500 expats or move them back to their home base where possible. That is at least 500 million bucks. Could be... read more
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Removed Post

There was a post a couple of days ago about GOMs SCM group. It is no longer available. Is it because SCMs leadership team does not want their dirty laundry to be exposed. Republicans have a right to know.32
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Shale 2.0

OPEC Wakes Up to the Threat of U.S. Shale 2.0: /
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New Delta Dental Plan S---s

Wanted to vent that the new Delta Dental PPO plan CVX changed to in 2017 is the worst dental plan I have ever had. What a complete ripoff and waste of money!! They reimburse weeks after the fact at less than half what they represented they would... read more
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Has Chevron really grown this decade?

Looking at the share price if you consider the annual average prices - from 2008 till now Chevron stock value has only risen 2-3% a year (not considering dividend paid out). Seems to imply that Chevron hasn't really grown in the last 9 years beyond... read more
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Chevrom Bakersfield Layoffs

(Source below) -- Roughly 100 Chevron employees working for the San Joaquin Valley Business Unit received layoff notices Thursday, but won’t be let go until after the holidays, the company announced. Those layoffs — which will impact about 300... read more
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Area to take over all SJVBU by 2020

Its official, Area Energy will acquire all Chevron property in California by the beginning of 2020. The official announcement will be made after the first of the year.
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When is Chevron going to go through all the older HR paperwork and hotline complaints to get rid of all the s-xual and other harassers that continue to stalk the grounds of San Ramon, Houston, and other places. Instead of getting fired like Matt... read more
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Retirement tax havens

Many middle and upper management as well as savvy expats shift their domicile to a low tax state just before retiring. Many sell homes in California or elsewhere and set up camp in TX or FL to receive their lump sum and exercise stock grants and... read more
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Fit for Duty or Fit for Disposal

Do you work in, or visit a “Remote” location? Well pay attention because this affects you! Fit for Disposal, sorry Fit for Duty is a way to lay off people without paying them a package. It circumvents protective legislation for discrimination and... read more
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