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Get ready for the lawsuit.

Cummins forced ranking is horrible. The "coaches" who are your bosses but don't like to be called that will not say if your doing anything wrong or right until the mid year review or year end review and then it's like "if you know I was doing... read more
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If you are older and have good pay, you're in danger

Get out of this company while you can. This is from a highly ranked, high potential employee with excellent performance that got canned in October 2015 just because I had a high salary. No consideration for performance or dedication to the company... read more
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Cummins Layoffs 2018

It's hard to predict things, but folks are saying that there might be cuts in this year Columbus.
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Layoffs at Distributors

Anybody hear of impending (new) layoffs with the distributors that have been acquired over the last couple years? Seems like more and more of the back office work will go to Indiana?
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Cummins Layoffs 2017

Now, let's try to predict if we might have job cuts in this year Columbus.
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Cummins is unethical

Cummins like many big corporations likes to boast how wonderful they are in giving to the United Way. But I believe that they are helping to create a need for the United Way in the first place by destroying the lives of their own employees with... read more
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PGBU cuts start next week.
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PGBU Operations

Women are screwed in Power Generation....all women on the Fridley PG operations staff have been forced out to other positions, left the company or let go. Many of theses, if not all were deemed high potential prior to the current plant managed. He... read more
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Power Generation operations

A real joke! Positions cut in Dec 2015 were filled within a month! Job pistings that were frozen to save $ were reopened within months. All this to "save money" when reality is that it was for the advantage of year end stock prices. This company... read more
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Cummins Layoffs in 2016

What is the likelihood of Cummins layoffs in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.
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Yes, but...

Yes, they are a great employer if you are not a salaried employee, in which case you are subject to the forced ranking system and mass layoffs every 3-4 years of experienced and dedicated employees. The only people that would see Cummins as a decent... read more
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I will celebrate when Cummins goes bankruptcy

I was threw away by Cummins in 10 minutes after 7 years service. No explanations at all. My rankings were 2 or 2 + in the past years. I just relocated here by the company. I bought a house and sold my old house. No compensation for my losses. My 10... read more
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Got Laid Off ... maybe better off?

Since Corp buyout of our distributorship started, that place went downhill FAST!! Cutthroat, backstabbing, lies .... very tense! What once was a "Family" atmosphere rapidly turned into a Corporate robot factory, very sad! In a nutshell, them buying... read more
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Do yourself a favor and leave Cummins as soon as you can

Spent 14 years working for Cummins, and I can tell you from experience you'll be much better off leaving. The sooner you leave, the better off you'll be. 14 years working for Cummins, 8 years of layoffs, 2 years of no merit increases, and 1 year... read more
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Over 40 laid offnin Canada right before christmas

Over 40 were just laid off over the last 3 weeks and I was one of them after being there 5 years. I feel sorry for the ones left behind who now have to do double the work for the same pay. Theu are headed down hill.
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Daventry Redundancy

I already too redundancy - I am single, and will travel now. It's a bit easier for me but some have families and that's hard on them.
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Cummins get it together!

Columbus is doomed! Cummins keeps so much going downtown, the downtown restaurants will start closing and the housing will go down - this will be massive for local economy, it's not like it's very diversified so the hit will be massive.. Hotel Indigo... read more
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Corporate Office / Rocky Mountain

How bout the Corporate Office at Rocky Mountain. It does not seem right that Cummins will keep all these corporate offices with that new builing going up in Indiana
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Cummins' Forced Rating and Ranking System

The system sucks. It's as simple as that and Cummins is poorly managing it on top of it. I've seen forced rating and ranking systems before, rank and yank kind of deals, all of them are bad but we are especially bad.The whole process requires you to... read more
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