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Excuses From Program Chair

Let’s hear your program chair’s best excuse for the classes (or lack of) and or reasoning for coddling a student along.
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Its a new day

Why is anyone ranting anymore about EDMC? The last 4 EDMC schools joined the company weeks ago. EDMC has nothing to do with our campus anymore. The mood is much improved. Gear budgets that we submitted year after year with no result have now been... read more
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Same Sociopaths Still In Place

Lots of changes happening at Dream Center? Than why are the same creeps running th show? Ask me who and I give you a clue.
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Real Updates

How soon for closures and bankruptcy?
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DCEH thread...

Will there be a DCEH thread coming to
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Ai Pittsburgh Dean

Well the Dean hasn't been on campus since ..... Mid December I think. He must of used about 50+ "PT0" days last qtr. How does he still have a job ? Why doesn't anyone make him actually come into work ?
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Ooh That Hurts!

"For many organizations, the total cost of headcount adds up to around 70% of all their operating expenses." You can come to your own conclusions as to what the future holds.
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EDMC is over - new beginnings

EDMC sold the majority of its schools to the Dream Center Education Foundation. The new company executives have already toured most of the campuses and made it clear we are no longer EDMC and will longer operate int he same miserable ways. Campuses... read more
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While your at it, feel free to mock me.

Opening scene to McDonalds commercial: Young black McDonalds employee walks into restaurant with a big grin on his face holding a white envelope. As he feels what's inside will be his ticket out of economic enslavement, he proffers it to his shift... read more
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EDMC Bankruptcy

EDMC will be closing its 4 remaining schools on January 8 and filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy immediately. As a result, the numerous cases of pending litigation against it will be stayed. This was all part of the plan.
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What's going on?

60k students and 15k employees. Those numbers are bogus and can't be real without a bigly Christmas announcement. What's the deal?
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Student loan defaults skyrocketing

For those who havent figured out what's going on, let me summarize it. From around 2009 until 2015'ish, the govt practically gave money away to anyone who could sign their name on a piece of paper stating they would use it for school. Kids using the... read more
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Wake Up America!

Brent Richardson needs to stop posting his bull$hit propaganda on YouTube. No one takes him seriously. Drop the mic
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Here we go again!

Ai just ran a :20 commercial on MTV. Will the devil ever quit? Seriously has there been a substantive change at Scheme Center or is it EDMC-like business as usual? Sure looks like it. (as usual that is) Grifting in the name of Jesus is never good... read more
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Looks like we are all doing fine with the Dream Center. I feel like I’m in a much better place with my job now.
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Subprime College Crash: Latest Campus Closings

By the end of 2017, several hundred subprime college campuses and sites will have closed. Listed below are some of the subprime college campuses in the US Department of Education's latest monthly School Closings report. The agency reports are... read more
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AUO update

Does anyone know if we will be having layoffs soon? I know the changes are coming any time now
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EDMC Stock
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Is everything go online?

Students don't want online classes, yet at our on ground campus, there are more online classes offered than on ground classes... wtf? Students don't learn and have to repeat classes because of the lack of time and information these online classes... read more
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Does SC still require arbitration?
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Remaining 6 schools...any updates

For those of us who are stuck in limbo, at the 6 schools and AIO that are still pending, does anyone have an updates? We aren't doing open enrollment with everyone else. No word on Wage Works accounts. I hear other people say they are encouraged with... read more
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What is going wrong

Numbers are sinking and the students just don’t care. It’s all doom and gloom. I didn’t know I was a therapist?
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New director coming for SUO in Pitt

It's about time. How long until the great ape is officially ousted and new leadership is put in place. As someone in the know I'm surprised it took this long considering the daily walking out of employees, boys club atmosphere she has created, and... read more
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Keep the site

The number of students at my school has fallen to just under 500 and South appears to be in disarray. The higher ups won't tell us anything. Consequently, this site - with all its flaws - still serves a purpose. I say keep it.
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This site needs to come down.

It is irrelevant and the only posters who show up have no clue about anything going on in this company. Who can disagree with me?
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South is in flames

Down half their ARs. No one wants to work there. How long until house is cleaned from leadership?
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So who knows when the ball is going to drop and templates69.rus or new requirements will start with online admissions? Before the holidays or after the new year?
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Tell Dr. Kool-Aid

Tell Dr. Kool-Aid how you really feel about the take over of EDMC by the Scream Center.
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Dream Center Meeting in Pittsburgh

The Dream Center purchase is officially done, and major changes are in process of being implemented throughout the entire AI organization. This information came directly from an EDMC corporate management team member yesterday after a meeting with the... read more
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Welcome to DCFH

October 17, 2017 To the employees of DCEH: Welcome to Dream Center Education Holdings! My team and I are extremely honored to be joining all of you as we transform the schools of DCEH into a world-class educational institution! Today is the start of... read more
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