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Fiserv FRMS Divisions lays off 10%...more to come!

Short term focus on making 'numbers', shipping projects over to FGS (then complaining about the quality). The One Fiserv mantra is a joke and no one is buying it. Start looking because the music will stop and maybe without a 'package' to soften the... read more
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Fiserv Layoffs 2018

Do not worry too much, I am one of those who is always optimistic - things will pan out good and we will not have layoffs here in Brookfield.
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Bank Solutions

The conversion programming teams across all platforms felt their first loss last week when 3+ employees were cut from each team in addition to other departments. The plan for the conversion programming teams is to eliminate the U.S. Employees by 75%... read more
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April 28, 2017 Layoffs in Alpharetta

Heard of some more people that were let go in Alpharetta today, 4/28/17. Jobs are being sent overseas. Wishing those affected the very best in their search and next opportunity.
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Really enjoy seeing all the jobs being sent to Fiserv Global Services (FGS) in India. It has been great for our stock price.
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March 30, 2017 Layoffs

Layoffs across Bank Solutions Group on 03/30/17. Some people near retirement age who were with company for decades. Continuing layoffs. Staggered over a few weeks as individual divisions work independently to identify who to let go. Confirmed to be... read more
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The ax fell today.

After 20 years of loving my job and dedication to Fiserv I was let go due to "Reduction in Workforce" . It was quite a shock and only took about 14 minutes from start to finish. I thought I was calling in to have my annual goal setting meeting. Boy... read more
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2/16 - Fiserv Laid Off 46 in ePayments Group

Word from the street is 46 people got let go the day after Digital Channels let their people go. Semi-old news, but I thought someone would be interested in the number
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5% reduction

I have heard a 5% cut across the board is coming. While I have heard of US cuts, I have heard of people being saved being in India. Cuts in my group started today 2/15/17 but I have heand cuts will continue into next week. Frustrated that some jobs... read more
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jobs going to India

They are laying off hard working Americans and sending the jobs to India. All that confidential information being processed overseas. What a shame. Trump wants to being jobs back to America, he should levy a tax on any job sent overseas
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Fiserv Layoffs 2017

My husband is working for the company and he's very concerned that job cuts might be coming and that he may lose his job. He works in Brookfield.
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Fiserv is sending banking information over to India.

I know someone who worked for Fiserv and there were talks of layoffs as they send all the work they did to India. They were told that it's not Illegal since Fiserv "owns" the building in India that they send the work to but they don't want their... read more
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Looking ahead: Layoffs

There will be "re-organizations" coming up in the next 2 years. Fiserv will continue to make more cuts in efforts to increase shareholder profits at the expense of laying off more employees. The morale is down in several business units and the future... read more
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Bad Recruitment Practices

Someone needs to look at recruitment practices because it's a disgrace. Fiserv Inc has bullied and harassed people to the point of driving them to illness and/or just upping and leaving.
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This used to be a good firm

I remember the times when this used to be a good place to work in. Nowadays its just awful. The management cares only about bottom line. Saving a penny on the workers account changed everything. Outsourcing is on the one end of it, but that's not the... read more
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Ready to be thrown under a bus

Bureaucracy is eating up Fiserv. And I don't see leadership doing anything about it. Department cooperation non existent. Not only that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing, but the managers are ready to throw each other under a... read more
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Customer Satisfaction Tanking and 2017 Layoffs

For the past two-three years it appears that customer satisfaction is less than stellar in some divisions, and enough customers have left the company to cause a ripple of layoffs in Q1-Q2 of this year (2016). For instance, if you are in a division... read more
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Fiserv layoffs

They are coming. Brace yourself for a work force reduction
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Fiserv Layoffs 2016

What is the likelihood of Fiserv layoffs in Brookfield in 2016? Please let me know if you have any information.
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2014 Layoff Plans

Is it true that we will be going through a large shuffle later this year and that some of our folks may be getting pink slips? I've been with Fiserv for about 4 months now and this talk makes me all nervous. Please share.
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Severance question

Now is not good time to be in financial services industry - I work for a competitor and it' brutal. BTW, can someone let me know what is a typical severance pay at Fiserv?
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We are laying off people again

We are laying off people again. It's sad to see that some of our best folks are being let go.
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and there are 200 people being laid off now

and there are 200 people being laid off now. jolanda, it all depends on where you work, the company is too big. we hire and fire at the same time. if you have hot skills that fiserv can leverage and make money off you
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