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The ship is sinking!!!

Humana sells to MCCI...MCCI centers, that run only with medical assistants... What is to happen to all the nurses at the CAC Fl Medical Centers??? The medical assistants are already overwhelmed with all the demands for the 40 minute HRA's to be... read more
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Your Nursing Career?

Are you happy with your career choice? Does nursing, today, fulfill you? I am worn out and disillusioned, I entered the field full of drive and now I am spent and cynical.
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I having trouble working now

I'm having trouble, I just can't make myself care now. I got an alert for a mdat due and all I could think was who cares? I'm really having a struggle to make myself even try now. It seems so pointless
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Coaches do you know yet?

Any update on early release yet? I know it's still early, but surely there is an idea on a timeframe?
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HCMRN future?

Anyone know if more HCMRNs will be laid off in April? How many?
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In case you are contemplating quitting

In case you are tired of the way Humana has been treating us for the past couple of years and are thinking of quitting, I ran into a nice article that weighs quitting against being laid off. Makes a few good points, in case you want to give it a... read more
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Medical coverage?

Anybody knows what happens to medical coverage when a person is laid off? Is there any period of coverage or do they get cut off immediately?
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To the shot game creator

Thank you. To those that added to the threads the shot count thank you. My virtual reality hangover is throbbing when I laugh...and for the hair of the dog to get rid of it: it’s all MFs fault, or trumps, or a physical therapists, I love my job, I’d... read more
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LTIH future

one poster stated it was announced during meeting that LTIH was ending in April. I personally didn't hear that and neither did my teammates in the meeting. Where is this coming from? I hate to see calls info being spread to LTIH peeps... read more
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Who wants to turn these posts into a drinking game?

Who's with me? Each time someone says going hourly is just their way of firing us without paying severance, take a shot. Each time someone mentions they know there is going to be an April layoff, take shot. Each time some fool refers to the new head... read more
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Piggybacking off someone else, if we were hired salaried, can that just be changed at H's discretion? 🤔
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more in April?

I saw something about maybe more layoffs in April? Who are people getting this information from? I wonder if reliable.
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What Coaches & which COM?

Coaches seem to be keeping their moths shut for a change. Anyone know which Coaches or how many got canned? Also, with HCMSS, they have 2 COMs. Don’t think there is really a need for both of them now. Which one is gone? And no, I’m not being mean. I... read more
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So this website imploded quickly. From mean posts to scriptures, sarcasm and insults. I hope you all know each other because you certainly deserve each other. What a shower.
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Thank you Mr. PT

Just received the heart felt letter regarding our layoffs. I looked up his credentials. Mostly all marketing.Prob hasn't touched a patient in 17 years. I know the PT business and this guy is the reason for all these changes. Money money money. I hope... read more
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It's just downright painful to go to work these days. All that waiting really affected me (and my co-workers). Any so called efficiency is more than shot now... Nobody's smiling, nobody's enthused, nobody cares, nobody knows if they will have a job... read more
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To My Fellow Nurses

Although I’m still not happy at all with how things have been dealt with here and I’m still extremely frustrated, it is what it is and with these lemons, we can sure make some lemonade. Today I share a quick prayer with all of my co-workers, whether... read more
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How do I make it known I want to be laid off?

Is there a way? I'm done with Humana but I don't want to just quit. I'll admit to being a coward and needing that safety net that is severance to try and move on. Is there a way I can indicate to somebody I wouldn't mind being a part of the next... read more
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To the 700

For those that did not want to get laid off, my prayers and thoughts are with you and your families. For those who were ready to leave Humana, know that majority of us that are left wish you the best. It is not easy to put myself in your shoes but I... read more
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Early release

So PHC's get early release but the rest of us don't? That's not right
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How many?

How many people in the meeting?
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starts at 11 and i am sure will be sugar coated TURD.....they should be honest and answer, how many going??? Not lie upon lie....keep hiring when could of moved us around to other areas.....higher ups you will have to stand before your maker and this... read more
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Got my email this morning

Logged in to see "confidential telephonic mandatory meeting" at 11 today. Not even going to make any calls....just waiting for the meeting to be done so I can be done with this horrible company!
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Do you get your PTO if you quit?

If you quit without notice do they pay you the PTO you have built up? I really thought I would be laid off, but have decided this is not the place for me. Too many layoffs, going back to stability. Before anybody comments on not giving notice I don’t... read more
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as if this makes any difference

can anybody here honestly say they can relax now that it's supposedly over? is there anybody who actually still trusts humana? who thinks that we are safe once again? this is just a temporary reprieve and i think for once we all know it. no bonuses... read more
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Are templates69.rus done yet?

Waiting and waiting.. no emails since noon yesterday, not one. We all know that is weird, I've rebooted and still nothing. What is going on, where is the security?
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How hard is it to find another job for those over 50?

My mom was laid off and she is feeling miserable right now. I'm trying to figure out how to help her, but frankly, I don't think I can do much in the next few days until the first shock passes. What I was wondering is if anybody knows how hard it is... read more
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End of year eval

We were told the point in time had no correlation to the end of year eval. Someone posted earlier a question about how the eval impacted it all, if you were inconsistent, full or exceptional ( not a top performer, but how you ranked on your... read more
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Height of hypocrisy

So, Humana joins the many companies that are touting bonuses while laying people off. Despite the fact that tax cuts could have saved all of these jobs. Every single one of them. And despite claims that tax cuts were supposed to create new jobs. Let... read more
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How many will try to stay?

Who plans to try and get another position in Humana? After the last rif they made all those grand statements about how there were more than a thousand openings, but it didn't really seem like anyone actually got placed in any of them. Is there a... read more
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Always hope and prayers

I feel content with their decision to lay me off. I was greater than Humana and will continue to be. Have faith in God and believe all things will play out as they are meant to be. May God be with us all at this time
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Humana is squeezing me so tight I can’t breath

From cutting our mileage to not paying our first and last drive to putting gps systems on us to taking away our LTIH4 to now taking away our salary so we can’t make our 40 hours !!! Anyone know any good lawyers I think we all need to come together... read more
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Coming in April?

People have post in a couple different thread about April.....what is happening in april? Have there been talk of another layoff?
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