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Network Technician

Over 70 construction Layoffs announced Phoenix and Tucson area on 1-5-2018.
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Regarding CenturyLink

The real BK is clear

CEOs sell stock for all kinds of reasons: diversification, liquidity, financing a big purchase. But that's a massive amount of stock that Krzanich dumped, and holding the minimum isn't a great look. "In all the years I've been at this and of all the... read more
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Regarding Intel Corp.


Okay, I have had enough. Customer's are not members. They are customers!! Using the name member denotes some sort of benefit. Unless the benefit is non working Heating and Air Systems in the store, what exactly does a "member" receive from shopping... read more
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Regarding Sears

So what next?

First line placement will be announced in early February. That certainly cannot be the end of the story. The big question is what happens next!

as a manager, I like removal of the H1B Visa extension

long before the H1B visa extension existed, people here on H1B had very little time to get their green cards. as such, most H1B employees would not dare to leave the company sponsoring them for another company, because if they did, there was a high... read more
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Regarding Intel Corp.

quilted northern toilet paper

Does anyone receive shipments of it anymore? We don't. Of course our DM is clueless about it. He just comes around and tells us to cut our store hours.
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Regarding Sears


respect yourself. Secure a good future and continue to provide for your family go UNION. You will not be able to find a job that equals your current pay and benefits. You will take a big pay cut. VOTE UNION IN ALL DEPOS. YOUR FAMILY IS COUNTING ON... read more

Be still my beating heart ❤️!

Could it be true that Dr. Snore is no more?! Has the velvet mafia finally been broken?! He recently posted on LinkedIn that he’s now running research at Facebook - at least he’s found another place to hide from Truth and Accountability. Don’t really... read more

January 19 layoffs at Broadcom

For those wondering when the next layoff round will start, more than 300 people will be laid off by Broadcom starting January 19. All those affected have already been notified... read more
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Regarding Broadcom Corp.

January 2018 layoffs at Cigna

We've all known this was coming for a while, but now it's finally official. Sixty folks have been laid off by Cigna in the Chicago area, and from what I'm hearing, this is just a start. It's really sad that this is the way we started the new year... read more
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Regarding Cigna

Hiring Freeze

Open TL spot at local club. Had an interview but was told (after interview) to hold off due to a hiring freeze. It is that time of years where hours are cut and the fiscal year is ending so I cannot say I am surprised. Changes always come in February... read more
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Regarding Sam's Club

Engineering the

All that could be said of engineering at Juniper, just showed up as a comment on a major news story: "I work with hundreds of these H1-B holders from India, they have vastly lied about their credentials and skills just to get into the U.S. market and... read more

area of layoffs

What area's are going to be effected by the latest cuts?
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Regarding Staples Inc.

Getting credit for the Reg

Making Regs has always been part of the job requirement for enrollment. Now, if your REG (enrolled student) fails the first class you no longer get credit for the REG. If "too many" of your students fail the first class it is now your responsibility... read more

Skype meetings

Are layoffs being completed using Skype?
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Regarding Staples Inc.


Well, this is my first week back after several weeks vacation. I thought I'd be re-energized and invigorated. I was. Until I entered the complex. This first week back was so bad. Everyone I talk to thinks this place is horrific. Management is... read more

2018 will be the best year ever!

Be strong! Be Qualcomm strong! This is going to be our best year ever. We have the best products! Best technology! And most importantly we have the best leadership. With SM CA and JT leading we are invincible!

Hw, Solaris, Eng Sys..

..Would the current batch of Systems/Solaris folks be still around ? The customers still have our products. I wonder if Oracle plans to keep around the remaining folks for longer time.

The No Accountability Company for Senior Mgmt

The quarter will be a complete disaster and CS, RD and Miss NoGo will continue with big bonuses too. What's up with this place when the peons pay the price and the top lives on despite ongoing failures.
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Regarding Mattel Inc.

Without us you're nothing James

Think you will be a tam without us? You're just a dog to us. Claim the credits for the work done.. do you think you will last long in Hal? Go get some real work experience b--ch

Returning to non-profit status?

Officials at the for-profit Grand Canyon University are announcing today that they will attempt another conversion to nonprofit status and have submitted an application to the institution's accreditor. "The Board of Directors of [Grand Canyon... read more

Ominous view for exploration spending

this from reuters offers a dim outlook for neos “Despite the strongest start for oil prices in four years, the world's top oil companies are set to cut spending on oil and gas exploration for a fifth year in a row in 2018 According to consultancy... read more

Data Protection needs Data Protection

So this finally has come to light after a number of people internally tried to highlight that DPS (BURA, BRS, DPAD, DPS, we keep changing our names every year to throw them off the scent) software is in need of starting over. Data Domain is still a... read more
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Regarding Dell Inc.

Chaos in Waco

So the Aerospace Sector did a re-org. Let's talk about this and the affects on Waco. Waco and GV were combined into 1 organization, so that basically meant that all of Waco reports to GV. But no plan was in place prior to this re-org. So the org... read more

Macy's Tech, MST

No one has mentioned changes for this group. Are they cut back, restructured or gone?

Lay Offs

Have any of you been assigned a Skype meeting with your manager or Sr. Managaer for next week that’s out of the norm??? If so, what’s your some of us understand what we should be afraid of over the next 2 weeks... Last months layoffs... read more

New ceo will be ?

List all candidates... Pat Gelsinger? Sean Maloney? Some fat indian guy who wears Cubavera shirts?

Taking lunch orders for my trunk

Found some food real cheap, ready to start the American dream and start selling it from the trunk of my car. I'll be between R and Q at 11:30am, open for business!!


GET RID OF INDRA AND HER CREW....HORRIBLE PEOPLE. Do you know they don't even say hello or acknowledge "workers"? It's all crap and PR that employees love her...most high level executives are to important to even know employees. I miss the old PBG... read more

CES - waste of money now??

So BK ego trip CES speech next week. You think the press will mention the flaw - or the vision-in reporting? millions in marketing money now totally wasted and will actually amplify the damage with a new round of stories...

Phoenix PSE Group

Another Friday, wait every day is Friday now that I’m retired at 59. Thank God for poor planning on the working from home screw up by management and leadership. It’s awesome folks, if your close, do it! Enjoy life while you have your health and... read more

All centers are hiring except for 1- Huntsville

I checked out the external career page, and every center has postings except for Huntsville, AL. The GCO section is still empty, and Care is down almost 100 Advocates/Specialists since July. Wouldn't be shocked for a closing during the 1st qtr.

Change is the only constant

Embrace change because it always brings opportunity. Don’t let fear of the random drain your energy or dreams. Work, study, play hard and enjoy the ride

It all makes sense now

Now we know exactly the reason why SS and DB activated their golden parachutes so suddenly.
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Regarding Intel Corp.

The Other Possibility

What if this is all orchestrated? Maybe the BOD has already told BK that his time is limited, and he cut a deal where he could sell all his shares at or near the peak in exchange for stepping down when the BOD says and take the fall for the better of... read more

More Outsourcing

Our whole department was rif’d today. No warning but. Come on, nothing is unexpected here is it? Specialty Products Group. Our whole group has been outsourced. Yes we got severance. Still s---s.

Manager Movement

We are beginning to see movement of managers to phony positions with obviously inflated titles. What does everyone make of this?

Intel is now a crisis company

"Over the next six months to a year this is a huge deal. Intel has become a crisis company. INTC stock needs strong leadership to regain lost ground. It’s not going to get that from a CEO hobbled by scandal."... read more

Govonor Moonbeam here again!

like i said on my last post, no one, and I mean no one, suks a better c0ck or takes it up the azz like twinkle toes McFubar. He also uses the trann1e restrooms to steal tampons.

Hello, I am Dr. Smith McFubars therapist.

McFubar has been a patient of mine for over a decade and has many issues. He lives with his mom in a single-wide in Bakersfield with illegals. Please don't provoke him! He's on all kinds of Meds and is one can short of a six-pack. Have a good... read more

Happy 2018 as hours get cut early

Starting early this year!! Usually it’s february when hours get cut but now starting in January Minimum wage goes up and hirs go down

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