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toy of the year farce.

Mattel® Wins Toy Of The Year Award For The Hot Wheels® Super Ultimate Garage In The Playset Of The Year Category should read as: Mattel® BUYS Toy Of The Year Award For The Hot Wheels® Super Ultimate Garage In The Playset Of The Year Category to try... read more
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Toy Fair

M-Go, you've had a year, we're expecting to see big connected things in New York. Whatcha got? Thingmaker 2? Aristotle 2? Hologram Barbie 2? Relauches of He-Man & She-ra? Was Toy Box nimble enough to come up with a Tide Pod toy in time? Don't miss... read more
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Chop, Chop....

Good that they’re getting rid of more “dead wood”. Hate to see you go, Gary. Now if they’d just axe your buddy.
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RD, please explain?

It is ludicrous, that the person at the top is not being held accountable for leading us into this mess! To say that we are all in this together, suggests that the blame for our demise be equally shared. And that is the message we get from RD. Yet RD... read more
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Just Embarrassing

Listened to MGO and Joe. Trying to put a good spin on dog squat. "We will let you know more at Toy Fair." Is that code for, "We have no clue and can't think of an excuse that you will all buy. So we need more time to string together some... read more
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Can someone explain?

Could someone who has better insights into the inner workings of Mattel's finances please explain what's going on? In fourth quarter we had a negative net income of -$280,000,000, third quarter -$600,000,000, down 350% from a year before. Second was... read more
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Pardon me, I had to pick myself off the floor after reading MGOs prefabricated statement to Wall Street. Laughed so hard, I fell off my chair. Wow! She must think we are all delusional and buy into that load of cr$p. Nothing but word vomit. Where... read more
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Q4 Results Feb 1

On Throwback Thursday Mattel announces Q4 and 2017 results! After market closes, natch! Headwinds? Challenges? Blame TRU and Korea? Constant currency? Future proofing? Hasbro rebuff? Broadly met expectations? Place your bets and don't forget to bring... read more
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Help ne understand...

Read in press that M-Go just turned down a $20 per share offer from hasbro. Please help me understand the logic. I’m not trying to be critical but just don’t get it at this point. Mattel was aming 10 worst performing stocks of last year and is in... read more
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Simon Says: Millennials, Two Steps Back

Everyone's right. Millennials ARE the future yet they ARE the problem (through no fault of their own) for Mattel, every other company, and the USA in general. Fix us quick, M-Go & Donald! /
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Change of topic

Just saw this docu on Netflix, it is great: The Toys That Made Us 1 Season|Docuseries The minds behind history's most iconic toy franchises discuss the rise – and sometimes fall – of their billion-dollar creations. IMDb... read more
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Millennial Blues

I gotta wonder how the Millennials will deal with all the current tragedies. No bonus, their Bitcoin bubble is bursting, and El Segundo temperatures have dropped into the 60s on these short winter days. Their hands and hearts are cold and empty... read more
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Down & Out in ES

Actually out with Down the Clown. M-Go, what's taking you so long to purge the talentless hacks that infest Mattel? This is a bad CD with zero interest. Dig a little, find a lot. Out with the trash! RD, you're next.
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Any news on if we are going to see merits or bonuses?

Seeing how horrible the company is doing at this point I'm sure we won't, but wasn't sure if anyone had any info. Im guessing everyone's will be taken away so we can give it to RD to make sure he's satisfied.
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Time to Part this Place Out

Mattel stock remains in the doldrums as the Market is setting new records. It's over for Mattel, our leadership is a bad joke. The people running the business are only running it into the ground. Time to sell off our major brands and sell them... read more
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How long to keep CEO of failing company?

M-Go was brought in one year ago. Stock price has steadily declined to half of what it was then. How long does or should a company keep a new CEO when things continue to decline? Let's face it, this all boils back to the CEO.
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The No Accountability Company for Senior Mgmt

The quarter will be a complete disaster and CS, RD and Miss NoGo will continue with big bonuses too. What's up with this place when the peons pay the price and the top lives on despite ongoing failures.
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Why Sell Mattel Now

The Industry is now in a decline and will remain that way There are no products in the pipeline that will make a difference The leadership team is not proven in this business or consumers products No confidence from Wall Street Costs will escalate... read more
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Not strategy but attitude

It’s not a strategy problem, it’s an attitude problem. It’s easy to point fingers at management when things are down. However, there is no “I” in team. Therefore all of you are accountable. Always remember, winning attitude brings winning results.
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Toys R Us down 15% YoY during Christmas

If even toy sales are down so badly versus 2016, how in the world could overall retail have had a good christmas, as the news is saying? Yeah, call me crazy for suspecting it's BS, but I've now seen how execs, managers, all kinds of supposedly... read more
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Happy 2018! Same $h1t, Different Year

New Year's is a great time for individuals to reflect, reboot, make new changes, goals & paths for the coming year. The emphasis is on CHANGE, as in IMPROVING. How tragic and depressing to return to Mattel in January knowing that none of that will... read more
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New Years resolutions for Mattel

As we wind down the calendar year, it often singles a time to reflect. For Mattel this year, what victories are you most proud? For Mattel next year what opportunities do you most look forward to embracing?
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No More Posts

There us no resent activity! I guess everyone writing got laid off
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Mattel holiday party

Rumor in EA is thar ES had their holiday party in Universal Studios. True?
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