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8 Companies That Could Disappear by 2019

/ "Neiman Marcus is not a publicly-traded company, but a noteworthy name to investors all the same. The struggles that the department store chain faces are applicable to other... read more
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So much for the Amazon scapegoat

Everyone believing the media hype that Amazon is causing retail's demise when Amazon only accounts for around 4% of total retail, and now they're even laying people off... read more
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Nieman Marcus Credit Rating Lowered

Excerpt: "Standard & Poor's lowered its rating on department store operator Neiman Marcus Group from B-minus to triple-C-plus, putting it in a ratings category that signals substantial risk of default. It is keeping a negative outlook. Analysts say... read more
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New Tax laws may end up hurting NM

Nice little snippet from this linked article: / "Third, the new tax law actually puts more pressure on leveraged retailers (of which there are many)... read more
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Possible bankruptcy in 2018

It seems things are truly as bad as we have feared. A list of retailers that are expected to announce bankruptcy next year is out, and to nobody's surprise, Neiman Marcus Group is on it. 2018 will be awful... read more
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Loss was big- company retrentching

So they lost 531 milliion, My guess was 650 million but over guessed. Neiman marcus s---s stated on facebook 529 million they were much closer and I am wowed by their near accuracy... Despite this they paid the Board more....... see my post below... read more
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Neiman Marcus - Death Spiral

Interesting article that interviews Hudson's Bay CEO and quotes him saying that "closing stores starts a spiral that can't be stopped........It's almost as if he were speaking directly to NM. Hudson's Bay pulled the plug on the NM acquisition because... read more
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new results coming- HUGE LOSS to be reported

just saw the latest on this . The company already is down 165 million for this financial year. according to Neiman Marcus s---s page on Facebook it is likely around 529 million this time. All the down scaling they have already done with this... read more
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Trouble Lurking at Neiman Marcus Manhattan Store

I guess the real question is what will happen first, Nieman Marcus announcing bankruptcy or the opening of the Manhattan store? This is an an excerpt of the article (link to article below) "One industry source briefed on the talks claimed the... read more
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Neiman Marcus Last Call - Closing 25% of its stores

Looks like NM wants to distance itself from the Last Call brand, and focus more on its bread and butter high-end luxury. Wouldn't be surprised if they closed Last Call stores all together. Future for NM looking very bleak, writing is on the... read more
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Ten Last Call stores closing

It's been confirmed, Neiman Marcus is closing ten more Last Call stores. This will cost nearly 250 people their jobs. Sores are: Horchow Finale store in Plano Philadelphia Premium Potomac Mills in Woodbridge Arizona Mills in Tempe Gurnee Mills in... read more
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Neinans disintegrating

/ Saks dodged a bullet...the company a mess top to bottom...sad. Get out while you can if you feel your job is threatened
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More layoffs for hourly employees

More Neiman Marcus layoffs today. I was an hourly employee that has been pulling 70 - 120 internet orders a day, consistently. I was part of the working poor, now I am part of the unemployed poor. I do not comprehend what would possess a company to... read more
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225 new layoffs..breaking news

The company is such a disaster 225 more are getting laid off...not a suprise....As they are set to lose 100s of millions more... They call it. "streamlining" ....
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More Data Breaches for NM

More troubles and more data breaches for Neiman Marcus....maybe this is why it's Lead CyberSecurity Officer just resigned..... /
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New layoffs.. Texas

They are closing the Allen store...That is two closures in a few months with no notice..According to Neiman Marcus S---s on facebook the company is set to lose over 350 million this year....Be weary... Things are clearly not good.. Plus they are... read more
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Layoff estimates

Lets try to estimate how big the next round of layoffs will be and who will be affected the most. At this point in time, given the horrible financial performance we should be ready to face some major job loses.
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Neiman Marcus - Another bad Quarter

Q3 2017 earnings just released. Net loss of $25 million and 7th consecutive quarter of sales declines. Wow, this is obviously not sustainable, something has got to give, very soon imo... read more
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New report. Tuesday thsday 13th

Will layoffs be announced? I think they will. Saks just lost a hundred million in sales..i bet they lost at least 50 million..they are way smaller too
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The movement within Natick certainly indicates a closing.But all is silent ? Any dates for this impending closing?
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store closing (s)

Just saw on neiman marcus s---s on facebook that the Denver last call store closed and employees ended up with no notice on it.. They used a storm to drop their lease. hope the 25 or however many employees recover soon. that was their only off price... read more
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Saks deal falling apart

/ Saks has ran into major roadblocks to buy the company. ..IDIOTS.... What they really did was set the stage to buy chunks of it later... While... read more
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The Demise of Neiman Marcus

All of you predicting bankruptcy and pending doom for Neiman Marcus seem to be right. Look at all these articles written just this past week (7 links below). Also, Neiman Marcus Su*ks Facebook page has a wealth of information. Just seems like its a... read more
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chaos not under control

all hell is occuring in the top echelon of the company. a secret leak said they are trying to sell the company. Karen Katz would be removed. Saks supposedly wants the company but not the debt. which means it would be partially ripped... read more
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Why still hiring?

I see everyday that there are new job openings at NM? Why is this? It doesn't make sense.....
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What Really Happened

Neiman Marchs will go into bankruptcy, likely between 2018-2020. Problems began when TPG (and Warburg Pincus) drastically OVERPAID for the company when prior owners decided to auction it off. This was back in 2005 when economy was good. TPG figured... read more
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Neiman Marcus Bankruptcy Predictions

Neiman Marcus will run out of cash probably in 2017 its down to 42 million and that's with emergency loans. they also just lost 430 million in past two they are even trying to rent clothes. they are a complete wreck, firing Katz would... read more
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saks merger

Saks is in negotiations with Macys..this just broke news..The combined company and Nordstrom seperately. never mind Amazon would crush what little left there is of Neiman Marcus...Am following this.
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down to about 14,400 employees

According to the last 10 k filing we are now down about 2600 employees from 2008. or about 12 percent .they had the new store at roosevelt MyTheresa much more can they cut? time will tell. And they still make no money... Ares... read more
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When is Neiman Marcus going to file for bankruptcy?

How immanent is this? I guess only KK knows for now but all is pointing that this will happen very soon. I cannot predict things but I can share my gut feeling. It says that Neiman Marcus will be filing for bankruptcy within next 54 days. Why so... read more
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IPO sacked

The IPI you see referenced way below has been canceled...They are reviewing the whole company top to botom as we speak....a source of anger for the owners in their purchase.. separately. top employees get the boot..26 years of service means you are a... read more
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just lost 23.5 million

holiday season has been rough...Neiman Marcus now rents clothes. Plus has been making more excuses for losses...January may be ugly. Also a desperate friends and family event was added...It loks like Neiman Marcus will lose more in first two quarters... read more
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Another warning sign

Just saw on Facebook the CFO left. No notice...nobody leaves a multi million buck cushy job..Thud sales have to be down even more..Nordstrom and Saks have been bringing even more competition..a new Barney's and a few new Bloomingdales too... It must... read more
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Failed Saks merger

Saks owner Hudson Bay was thought to want the company. That would have led to up to 3000 more layoffs...There was no way that could happen..too much debt ....not a great outcome likely..Neimans is advertising for low paid holiday help however...As it... read more
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Please watch your back

They just lost 407.25 million for calendar year. 466 million in write downs... Which means about 59 million lost in the last quarter as they had a bare profit..that's after 580 layoffs plus the secret ones. Of 17k or so employees...nobody seems safe... read more
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