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Tired of waiting game

Anybody else completely done with this whole waiting game? Just keeping us in suspense, in constant state of anxiety... Frankly, I honestly believe I'd be better off knowing that my position no longer exists than continue to stress out over it and go... read more
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Just got told by Front End MSS that there Is a restructuring of the management team don’t have any more informatio. Does anybody out there have anything on this
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Is severance negotiable?

Somebody told me that severance is actually negotiable, that it is hard to get them to up it but not impossible. This sounds pretty out there to me, but he seemed rather convinced he was correct. What are the chances that there is any truth to this?... read more
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Other associates working on your club??

Has anyone had other associates or mangers working in their club?? For some reason we had people from other clubs come to ours and work this week.
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Why 63 stores?

Because they needed to lay off 10,000 - that 10k number was driving the store count, not the other way around...
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Membership team lead

Any news regarding membership team lead and marketing team? Walking on eggshells around here waiting
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Overnight Manager and Crew

Currently an overnight manager at a Sam's club waiting to see if the ax falls lol. Can someone that's taken a severance package please give some details on what they gave you as a member of management? Also has anyone had to "cash out" their 401k?... read more
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Clubs that are Closing

What are your sales for the year? What was your Sam’s Share profit percentage at?
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Moving our DC?

Anyone in any other market (I’m in market 63) having their DC shut down and relocate? Ours in Woodland ca is closing down and relocating to Southern California.
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Managers stepping down to hourly

Et task went down about two weeks ago that changed previous "lose 10% pay" to now only apply if you have to be in position at least 12 months. People that don't have time in position go to base pay of new pay plan.
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I hope you quickly bounce back

I was affected by this change. I was in accounting and my position was eliminated and replaced with a counting machine. It didn't affect me because I had a better job to fall back on and I quit before I was let go but there's many people that have... read more
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Demo Employees Layoffs

I sure relate to this when they laid off 11,000 Demo Employees in 2010 to bring in a 3rd party, no notice at all, just were escorted out. Two of us had been Charter Members since opening but they could of cared less. I am still very bitter about it... read more
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Walmart's Co Manager Update

Saw this on Walmart's board: Also you can go there with this long link:
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Sam’s receiving clerk and lead

If they restructuring or taking away these positions they really have kept it pretty quiet. Nothing concrete, just a bunch of scenarios that haven’t came to fruition. No new news is good news.
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You different memberships Regular,plus,business here's the catch they stopped checking memberships so anyone with a regular membership has the same privilege as a plus or business so why try to up grade ? Then your poor cashiers why have them try to... read more
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There were once 660 clubs. Supposing an average employment of 150 associates that would be 99,000 workers.......the largest amount of views any of the topics on the page has is less than 7000....supposing some of the views here were made by one time... read more
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Severance question

I was offered a position in another Sam's Club, but the pay is lower (by quite a bit) than my current one. I'd rather take my chances and look elsewhere once we close, but somebody told me that if I refuse the job, I will not be eligible to receive... read more
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Costco WILL hire former Sam's Club employees

I'm really sick and tired of people posting blatantly untrue things to mess with people when their entire livelihood is on the line. Those saying that Costco will not hire former Sam's Club or Walmart employees are lying. Simple as that. I know of at... read more
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This week

There are no calls or meetings scheduled this week. Club Manager vacations are blacked out the week of the 26th. Many club managers on vacation this week and next. So don’t expect any changes this week. Market manager have another meeting in Dallas... read more
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Cart Attendents

Heard cart attendants getting the ax tomorrow. Sourcing to a 3rd party.
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If your store is closing what are your plans?

I'm still not sure what to do. Why transfer to another Sam's for something similar to happen again in the near future? I lost my audit lead position less than a year ago. A position I held for 5 years. I loved it, and was good at. Took a different... read more
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Article- please read

/ So this article talks about co manager reduction and dsd reduction being leaked as of Friday. That it will be announced but no date. My question is who does... read more
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Rumors or Truth.

So is there any truth in any of these rumors about positions being eliminated. It would be sad to see associates loss their positions . It's already bad enough that so many people has lost their jobs due to the closing of clubs. Will the info come... read more
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Let set the record straight

All associates in the clubs that are closing are being paid for the next 60 days after the announcement. They can work for the next few weeks to help close their buildings down for extra pay in addition to or they can choose not to. Either way they... read more
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If you were the CEO

What would you do if you had 60 plus clubs losing money accounting for over 50 million dollars a year in lost profit? Most of the clubs with no foreseeable light at the end of the tunnel. Either the area is saturated with other clubs (most being... read more
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Market managers have another meeting in 2 weeks. They fly out on the 24th. Don't expect changes next week as they are focused on getting the 63 clubs closed.
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Transferring to same pay?

Anybody knows if those who decide to transfer to other Sam's Clubs and manage to land the same position they were in will get the same rate of pay they earned throughout the years or will they have to start from scratch again? Just trying to figure... read more
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What a mess they’ve made!

Since when do we follow others, our philosophy is take care of the associates and customers. Sam Walton must be really proud how they have f---ed things up!
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Suddenly on hold Funny huh?
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Week of Jan 14tg layoffs

For these next layoffs will these folks be offered the same packages as the associates who had stores close? The 60 days paid, etc.?
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It`s all making a circle and it`s not done.

Im a 10 year associate working at a Texas Sams Club that did not close.. If you think back to when all this came about Walmart was the reason so many mom and pop operations closed .Walmart went in to all these small towns with a conquer and destroy... read more
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