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Download Staples W2

I left staples last January, I worked for Staples only three weeks in 2017... Anyhow, after 2 years, it was time for me to move on... The final paycheck had an enclosed W2 - long story short, I've lost it - had to move twice, etc, etc... How do I... read more
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The AMs will be moved to an offshore model.

Maitland Blvd rent is high. The original plan was to open that office in Texas - and that may have prevented what’s about to happen. There are some positions that will be asked to transfer to the closer brick and mortars (using that as their virtual... read more
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Staples Daytona call center layoffs

I’ve heard Daytona call center is pretty much done. What about Maitland? Skeleton crew? Or were all the rumors about the lease not being renewed true? I know at one point, there were renovations scheduled for the second floor and I believe they have... read more
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Staples Unions

I think unions are a good thing in a situation like what’s going on at Staples today. Private company buys Staples- no accountability to anyone- no visibility on decisions to anyone- no notice ( which is a violation of the Federal and state WARN acts... read more
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Age Discrimination

If your over 45, your protected from age discrimination. California supreme court already ruled that firing due to salary is equivalent to age discrimination. So if your more qualified than other people kept, and over 45, start the lawsuits... read more
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Think about these rumors...

Although anything can happen where does it make ANY sense to close down the Maitland office? 90% of the Account Managers are located there. This is the only division thats profitable for the company. So ok go and close down the building and make... read more
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I’ve heard 01/16 & 01/19

Anyone have any details...I’ve only heard of SALs, Supply Chain, Merchandising, and Facilities being affected ... either your last day is before year end or before bonuses are paid...who else can confirm/deny or enlighten on this??? I swear if it’s... read more
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Tax cut bonus

Do you think Staples will pass along the tax cut bonuses they will be saving to employees? Maybe each get $1000 like all the other big companies.
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3 offices closing

Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada), Halifax, Nova Scotia (lower sackville in Canada) and Maitland, FL offices are on the chopping block. These teams include contract and mid-size account managers. I’ve heard that leases will be termed and employees to be... read more
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Sycamore Partners LOSERS!

Jan 8, 2018 A legal tussle that pitted Dollar Tree against an upstart discount chain has been settled in the Chesapeake-based retailer's favor. Dollar Express will pay Dollar Tree $35 million, according to a financial filing noting the Jan. 4... read more
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Staples Canada CEO replaced.

Canada Retail fired their CEO Thursday and has been replaced by a Banking Exec / former Loblaw Exec (must be buddies with the Chairman). Can't trust Sycamore, "we will let you run your business the way it is", "we're hands off". BS
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area of layoffs

What area's are going to be effected by the latest cuts?
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Lay Offs

Have any of you been assigned a Skype meeting with your manager or Sr. Managaer for next week that’s out of the norm??? If so, what’s your some of us understand what we should be afraid of over the next 2 weeks... Last months layoffs... read more
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Corporate Layoff Timing?

When do people expect this to hit? I'm guessing next week or the week after. Probably a Wed. or Thurs. What do you all think?
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Ordering platform conversion fiasco

I know it doesn’t matter now, but I think the fiasco of a final conversion with Coastwide Laboratories was a key component too, maybe a bigger piece than anyone is willing to admit. Staples conversion team tried to make the final conversion seamless... read more
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staples retail layoffs

Yes furniture team all laid off, print team 95 percent laid off and most of the top 50 sales people. Promotional team slashed. Retail is due in January upwards of 400 jobs are going to be cut. Also Corp hq is for sale. has the retail thing been... read more
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One Last Vent for 2017

As a 10 year veteran of Staples, I know my time is nigh. The salary increases I earned over those years is no longer supportable as sales continue to decline and the work for myself and my "onshore" team is drying up as we train "offshore" and... read more
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Everybody to be affected by layoffs

so heard is thru out the company. CE, Fram, CA, NJ - - everyone going to feel the earth quake. my advice, stay focused. the sad thing about this is the dumb a-- leaders most likely will be untouched. Sycamore is too new to know. all those... read more
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Our President of NAD.....

Where has NR been all year? Not much interaction with SBA....
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Last weeks layoffs

Massive layoffs going on today with Staples/Sycamore. These corporations have no soul! Always before the holidays, but I’m sure the shareholders will have a full belly. This was posted last week, did I miss some layoffs take place? Not that I don't... read more
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Stop Lying

Stop lying. stop lying to yourself. stop lying to your employees. just stop. you know, deep in your heart, that you're engaged in a web of lies. stop lying.
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Corp Layoff

It's coming, buckle up and hold tight. That's all I can say at this time. Good Luck to all.
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La Mirada

the office is empty compared to how it was a year or two ago. Will Sycamore close the doors on LM soon?
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15 or more years

If you are a long term employee, look out! They are going to show you the door. At a corporate meeting recently, a question was asked oh the Audience.... “how many people have worked for the company 15 or more years”? With a big response from the... read more
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Store Closings

Has anyone heard about Store Closings in the Chicago area? I just tried calling the Orland Park store and I got a message that the location is no longer open for business, but it's still listed on the website. Is it closing and the employees don't... read more
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The Blender

Basically, FM put a bunch of entry to mid-level people into a blender, tossed in some IT buzzwords, hit the "ON" button and hoped a real e-commerce system would pop out. That's kind of like throwing a lot of car parts, gas and oil into a cement mixer... read more
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500 Staples Drive just went on the Market this week??? So much for honest and transparent Communication to the dedicated work force! We are not going to slash associates for saving’s, really then what’s happening! When are we going to wake up people... read more
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Pre-bonus layoffs

Prediction - January huge layoffs... You were all promised a bonus in February? Everyone thinks that Sycamore is going to give these bonuses? Maybe to the executives. They don't have to give anyone a thing! What you will get is that "pink" slip... read more
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So much upheaval at Staples

There has been so much upheaval within the organization between the sale, stores closing, long time EEs being let go, contract replacement employees from outside the US, not to mention the "Staples" of the culture of bullying and blame, the... read more
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Layoffs Yesterday

Restructuring happening in business advantage. layoffs across the board yesterday. Good luck to those that remain... definitely bound to lose some clients.
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