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State Farm Park

They cancelled all leagues in 2018 and now I hear they are essentially giving the park to BLM-NML parks and rec? Any truth to that?
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Layoffs in Systems continue

Release all externals Layoff systems mgmt Layoff rank and file systems employees ???? Is this the plan?
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State Farm laying off 800 in Tacoma

In case somebody missed it (although I doubt it,) State Farm is closing two Tacoma offices and laying off around 800 people in the process. Considering this is just the start of the year, I'm pretty sure this is only a preview of things to come... read more
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Fire Field Reps Future?

Has anyone heard anything about the fate of Fire Field Reps? Hearing rumors we are all going to be replaced by outside Independent Adjusters within next 2 years...
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They're pulling more people into Vivify meetings

Saw a post on the Newsfeed of a manager asking if he could know why his employees were being pulled into Vivify meetings. They deleted it this morning. Leads you to believe they're polling employees to see if they think the managers are any good and... read more
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So Tired

So Tired of the ineptitude of our senior management. This "change" has gone on for over six years and we are worse off than we first started. We will lose about 800K autos in 2017 year while GEICO and Progressive grows by over 2M a piece. Our rates... read more
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So what next?

First line placement will be announced in early February. That certainly cannot be the end of the story. The big question is what happens next!
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State Farm Bank

Waiting to find out what happens to Bank...hopefully they rip the call center right out...they have a bunch of knuckleheads working in the call center. Get them out.
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Wisdom from Systems Partners

Hello, I have been reading the many threads with much interest. I am one of the few field workers left supporting agents. My peers and I are also very concerned with our futures. The amount of KPIs, "accountability", frustration, and micromanaging... read more
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State Farm leaving downtown?

Heard through the grapevine: State Farm is not remodeling the downtown Bloomington building and it will be emptied out in mid-January. Yikes!
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New shiny savvy minds needed

I worked for SF for 15 years as well and the last few years since the 'restructuring' (more like let's make everyone nervous and layoff people for no real good reason) were hell. Raises went down but the expectation of work went up without any... read more
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What's the real story?

I’m from a media outlet based in Bloomington-Normal. We’re working on a story about what’s really going on with these buyouts/layoffs at SF. Need your help. Send me a text at or on the Signal app (BNreports/). You can stay... read more
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Merry Christmas!

On behalf of Fawad and Tipsord, I'd like to wish you all a Merry Christmas! Don't forget, State Farm cares about you as people. Now if you could just collect your last paycheck, pile any evidence that you've ever worked here into this cardboard box... read more
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It's sad to see what's become of the place

I guess we've always known that State Farm's management structure had too many layers, and as a result, the people at the top of Systems truly had very little idea what went on in the trenches. This problem was apparent to me when I first started (17... read more
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This is Why...

The implosion we see now is par for the course for a mature organization. State Farm has reached its pinnacle and is now following a classic pattern of organizational decline. They're trying to course correct, but as many others have said, haven't a... read more
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Not knowing when the other shoe will drop

How many of us are finding it very difficult to celebrate the holidays? Everyone I know feels like they are waiting for the other shoe to drop. How do they think this is the right thing to do? So many employees worried about their jobs and their... read more
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Atrium Gathering??

Did I miss a memo? Are we still doing a holiday gathering in the Atrium or is that too expensive?
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Ad services

Anybody knows how reliable these rumors mentioned in several threads on Ad services are? I was already preparing for the worst but it was based mostly on assumptions, not on knowing anything concretely. This would only confirm my predictions, but it... read more
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ISD beware

If you are in ISD realize it no longer exists. ISD analysts you either need to high tail it to the job post and find a job at Corporate Underwriting or start acquiring some systems skills. The middle man role of telephone many of you have been... read more
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Incoming reductions after January at State Farm

People be prepared. Before the end of January is out there will be more information sent out about systems rank and file employees reduction. I think it will be severe based on everything we have seen thus far and I don't think analyst will stand a... read more
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Only the facts

Lots of rumors and opinions which are all important to the conversation. But, I'm curious to know from those people currently impacted: what areas are seeing layoffs of internal employees? What does the severance package and timeline look like for... read more
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Digital is not a differentiator.

There is this silly dillusion in SF Systems, that digital is more than a required commodity. Yes an insurance company needs a functional digital app these days because all customers under 50, expect it, but NO ONE is making their purchasing decision... read more
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State Farm Bank

I see alot said about other areas of the Farm but not the bank. Other than firing all the external employees.
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Major layoffs in January

I've been reading about major round of layoffs coming in January, but it all seems to be in the realm of rumor. Does anybody know if there is any credence to these rumors? It would be nice to let go of all this anxiety brought on by not knowing... read more
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Our new “leader”

What I think is interesting is that this is Fawad’s first executive level position. Both of his former employees (EBay and Staples) lost revenue during his tenure, the university he got his Bachelors degree from lost accreditation due to lack of... read more
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So what happened today

The alignment of area to locations were finally set. I've heard rumors of no more relocation benefits. What about those of us that don't want to move, any chance to apply to another job?
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More notifications on the way?

I’m hearing word of active shooter drills at corporate as well as talk of more armed security being contracted. Anyone else hearing that. There looks to be some kind of manager movement to locations that don’t have managers onsite so maybe more... read more
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So glad I’m out of there....

After working for the Farm for about 5 years, I’m happy to say I never have to go there again. In those 5 years, I barely learned anything new. They transformed claims from a somewhat professional environment into a pure call center. Why the hell did... read more
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The media is still not reporting!

How long can the media pretend nothing is going on at State Farm? This is an unprecedented downturn! Anyone here in media been silenced or told to only report good news?
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33% of Managers have taken the buy out?

I heard through the grapevine that, as of Monday, 33% of managers had accepted the buy-out. Apparently, 25% was the "minimum goal," but there was no cap. They have inadvertently opened the flood gates, as any manager with marketable skills who is... read more
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To the young folks:

Be dedicated to building yourself...your team will benefit, the company will benefit. But never dedicate your entire life to a company like this. Always keep your eyes on the market and leave the minute you can get something better. State Farm is... read more
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Short timer

By short timer I mean that I spent a short period of time at State Farm, thankfully. I was excited about the idea of job security and structure. I know better now. My short time at SF was a skill killer, except the things I do to skill up in my free... read more
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