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Losing accreditation and federal funding by June

The end is near and you are going to pay for your sins.

Twelve state attorneys general have asked the federal Department of Education to revoke the recognition of the much-criticized Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools.

If ACICS loses recognition, the many for-profit schools that it accredits could be cut off from the federal student aid that makes up the majority of their income.

The letter cited reporting from ProPublica that found that students at schools accredited by ACICS were worse off than students at other schools.

At a typical ACICS-accredited college, only 35 percent of students graduate, the lowest rate of any accreditor. The national graduation rate is around 59 percent.

“Even in the crowded field of accrediting failures, ACICS deserves special opprobrium,” the attorneys general wrote in a letter released on Friday, saying that the actions of the accreditor had “ruined the lives of hundreds of thousands of vulnerable students whom it was charged to protect.”


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ACICS is a joke. I admit I am an adjunct faculty at this joke school. (Not for long though, for which I thank God.) ACICS visited my campus a few months ago. We had faculty meetings before hand, prepping us. For example, the lab classes are supposed to last from 6 to 11 pm, for 4.5 credit hour classes, and so we were supposed to detain the students until then somehow.

The adjunct faculty were gathered in a room and interviewed in a group. At this point, all full time faculty and chairs had been laid off, so ACICS had to know this. Most people were silent, but a few company pumpers answered questions - including a senile old guy who outright lied about stuff. Like, when an investigator asked how ITT-Tech responds to faculty concerns about curriculum issues, this guy fired off the answers ACICS wanted to hear. Everyone else was afraid to speak up in a venue like that, of course. The investigators visited a few classes in session. Everything else ACICS did was paperwork related, admin stuff.

So now the lab classes are back to dismissing at 9 pm, because neither adjunct faculty or students want to hang out until 11 pm. And since all full-time employees are gone by 7 or 8 pm, adjunct faculty and a hundred students are on their own most of the time. Each week-day a sucker adjunct is designated to lock up the facilities at night, for no extra pay of course. Usually these guys are given title "Subject Matter Expert" to entice them to do extra stuff for free. And they want to leave campus as soon as possible, so they are locking up well before 11 pm.

Even the students are realizing this place is a joke. Company pumpers at my campus keep trying to get more students to sign up for bachelor degree programs, and it isn't working, thank heavens. The so-called bachelor degree is nationally accredited thru ACICS, by some astonishing and incomprehensible process.

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The ACICS director has finally resigned.


About time.

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Attorney general in my state is one of those signing the complaint. Good for him!

I am an adjunct instructor at ITT-Tech. So many people seem to be misled about what is really going on inside the campus doors. I have been waiting years for improvements. The new math curriculum packages I have received this year, just last month actually, are so bad I can't in good conscience stand up in front of students and continue to teach from them. I am done with this school.

Administration does not seriously want input from their instructors, and academic freedom is severely limited. We can make try to improve the curriculum we are provided with, for a specific class, but that isn't enough to really help these students. The programs are poorly designed; the math series, which I teach, is seriously flawed. And this is supposed to be a STEM (science, technology, engineering, math ) school! Modany doesnt't care. Change from within is hopeless. That is why I am quitting at the end of the quarter. Oh, that's right -- I am a part time faculty with no benefits. I can't actually quit, I have no job guarantee for next quarter. Rather, I have told my supervisor that I won't be available next quarter.

ITT-Tech is charging huge tuition, from 45,000 students, and their 2015 10-K annual report says the yearly revenue was $850,000,000 -- nearly a BILLION dollars -- mostly in student loans. Yet ITT-Tech still can't figure out how to deliver a quality education geared to non-traditional students. Or they don't care. Superficially their programs sound okay, with flexible hours and night classes, high tech career offerings, free tutoring, etc, etc. Mostly hype. Educating non-traditional students, in STEM fields no less, is an intense process, and ITT-Tech is only interested in getting money, not spending it.

Non-traditional students need extra services - legitimate counseling (not by untrained sales reps), carefully designed curriculum ( ITT-Tech DOES NOT HAVE this), extensive training for instructors in teaching students ( which ITT-TEch does not provide in meaningful way), effective strategies for fixing math deficiencies of admitted students (not done at ITT-Tech). The vast majority of faculty are short term, part time faculty receiving low pay and no benefits, and getting little respect from administration. They are provided a required curriculum that is low quality.

The continuing problems with nursing program show how entrenched ITT Tech's problems are. I wonder if there are any ITT-Tech employees, at the headquarters in Indiana or anywhere else, who have the level of expertise in education held by typical curriculum expert in many public school districts.

ITT-Tech's propaganda machine says they are saints for providing this opportunity to students, and it's the students' fault if success doesn't happen. Way to go, Modany, nice way to treat the students you admit! Some of your students are homeless, or haven't had math for 30 years! And you tell them failure is all their fault. You have stated that your student outcomes, for gainful employment rules, should be at lower standards than other colleges, since you are serving non-traditional students. It seems you don't want to take responsibility for student outcomes, only for keeping stockholders happy.

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Even if the DoED refuses to act, several ITT campuses may lose ACICS accreditation. See page 15 of the latest SEC document............................................................../>

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