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Guaranteed Sales-not so guaranteed

When we had our group meetings back in the fall we were challenged to drive sales-get guaranteed sales.

I worked on this, got people to let me bid their jobs, only to loose every one of them almost always because it took too long to get answers back to my customer.

You send a quote request a nd the out of office reply tells you it is a 5-7 day for a response.

Seriously? Is that ok to tell my customer i will respond to you in a week or so?

How is this ok? Here it is, an opportunity to sell and the home office cant pull through with quoting the product. disgraceful.

I do not blame the people in the department, as they are as helpful as their time allows. why don't they hire more people for this department I'd we are told to try and get more sales? such a waste of my time.

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This is the downward spiral Follett is on. For the past 6 years leadership was focused on delivering dividends, while the sales/profits were declining. The only way to do that was to cut labor everywhere. When that happened all the resources and programs that might have helped to turn things around were gone so the financial results declined further. Now they need to shore up the bottom line how can they do it....more cuts. Around and around it goes. No company has ever succeeded by cutting it innovation and employees.

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There was talk of Advanced Online being a replacement source for gs sales. I don't see how that would work as every gs order wants special artwork.

I have done a few GS sales during my tenure-and have lost most due to our prices and turn around time to get information. Why does management push this dept. at every meeting but then not structure the dept. to handle the work?

Just like every other dept in the company, except upper management. let's add another v.p.

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If customers are defined as students, faculty, alumni, faculty departments, student organizations, athletics or fraternities/sororities than our Guarantee Sales Department is not meeting sales opportunities and huge sales potential because of slow response time or "can't do" responses. As a company, we should place a priority on serving these customers. It is embarrassing and a shame that our customers have to seek other sources for their needs because our company has a bad reputation for not "doing what it takes to make the sale".

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GS has been a huge opportunity for years. Every mgmt conference I'd hear that. But it is very labor intensive and time consuming. Pls you have to know vendors and product across all categories. Not an easy skill set which is why it will be there only as long as KW stays. Too much work for not a lot of return.

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Define customers. For years follett defined customers as the institution. It's one the company's fundamental flaws.

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Guaranteed Sales is a huge opportunity...we have many willing and eager customers; however, for years, we have no credibility in this market because of either slow home office responses, or the home office response, "we can't do it". I always felt that I had to fight too hard to help our customers. It is sad that home office can't follow through with these customers and sales opportunities. Honestly, I feel that these sales could make the difference if home office would allow us to be the "go to" place for their special needs.

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Hire more people? Ha. GS has ALWAYS been understaffed. They won't add anyone. It's more likely this dept is gone by year end.

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