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Court Hearing Tomorrow. Looks messy

/ I was looking at court documents for tomorrow's hearing. There are so many objections from landloards and creditors regarding everything from the priority order of payments, lease values, the "wind down" employee... read more
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Is there still a chance?

I have seen in several reports that at least some of the stores might escape closings if somebody decides to buy them. The rumor mill has been working overtime, and so many names were thrown around as possible buyers, including Amazon. Could this... read more
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Still numb

In all honesty, I didn't expect something like this could happen. I kept believing that this was all blown out of proportion by the media, and we'd get an announcement from Toys "R" Us saying that reports were not true. How wrong I was... This is... read more
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ADP Payroll

Take a picture of the hours that they've worked for this pay period (and any future) in the ADP payroll program. Just in case, this may be (if necessary) a way of proving what is owed to you (pay wise). Also ALL employees should either be printing... read more
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That Canadian buyer thing sounds like a load of BS. Why would someone saddle themselves with 8 billlion in debt. The liquidation would still run its course. There’s no reprieve.
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Game Over-It's official

Some have asked how this could happen. That's a question you ask when you're utterly clueless about the financial position of the company. As in 5 billion in debt. Maybe next time you'll keep yourself a bit better informed, instead of watching... read more
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TRU Filing for Chapter 7 Tomorrow (3/15/18)

They are filing the motion for Chapter 7 tomorrow. All US stores will be up for liquidation UNLESS the Canadian buyers are interested in saving a select number of stores. There will be letters sent out that will discuss the closure. Something about a... read more
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Conference call

Is this it? Call today at 3? Any inside info, are they going to announce the bankruptcy today?
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Liquidation would mean 33,000 layoffs

I was wondering what the total number of people losing their jobs in case Toys R Us goes through with liquidation would be, and I'll admit it's higher than I expected. I truly hope this does not come to pass. Thirty-three-thousand families losing... read more
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Repost from another thread, very important info!

In the event of a Chapter 7 filing (and possible pay delays) employees should ask to take a picture of the hours that they've worked for this pay period (and any future) in the ADP payroll program so that they will have a concrete way of proving what... read more
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Media is pushing the story a bit

Not saying chapter 7 won't happen, but the article (link below) makes sense. I think the media as usual is pushing the story. I don't work for Toys, but I am a retail manager for another company that is also struggling . I really feel for all you... read more
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Two-day reprive

According to the docket any items that were to be discussed on the 12th (Today) in court have now been pushed back until the 15th (Thursday). Anybody else feels like we are on a death-row and we were just granted a two-day reprieve? I'm honestly not... read more
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Any news?

I keep refreshing news pages, but no new info has surfaced yet. My wife works at Toys "R" Us and we are both stressing out. Anybody here has any new info on what's going on? Has the liquidation been officially confirmed? I can't believe that I'm even... read more
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Get out of Toys'R'Us now.

Toys'R'Us has over $500 million in debt that caused it to file bankruptcy in the first place. When they did that, they borrowed $3.1 billion from various banks to continue to fund day to day operations (keep stores open, payroll, benefits, etc.)... read more
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Looks like we might be bringing more down with us

An analyst from Jefferies estimates that 10 to 15 percent of Toys R Us' total business will be lost if it liquidates. Toy companies such as Hasbro and Mattel have already begun preparing contingency plans in the event that Toys R Us initiated a full... read more
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Who else is dreading Monday?

It is not enough that we had to stress after chapter 11 over which stores would be closed, now we get to stress over if ALL off the stores will be closed. Before, we at least could hope we would not be among those affected. I've read in a Wall Street... read more
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I hope that the upper excuitives become homeless after they run out of money,only then will they will see the errors they have made! Shame on all of them!!!
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More layoffs today

From what I understand there is going to be another round of layoffs starting today. I truly feel for these people. I was one of the people that was let go caught up in of Feb 2017. I have to say I am better for it. However all the... read more
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U.K. Bankruptcy

US first and now UK bankruptcy. Not looking good at all for the company. /
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No severance

How low can they go? There will be no severances paid out to people in the closing stores. So not only is everybody losing their livelihood, they will be given absolutely nothing to tide them over until they can find new jobs. And yet, I'm positive... read more
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Rich are never satisfied

This is all about private equity greed. Buy out a company, load it up with debt to get back your principle investment, extract huge "management fees", then sell off the debris. Same thing with Sears, Winn Dixie, Remington.......
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Bad to worse...

Now they're talking about the possibility Toys R Us doesn't even emerge from Bankruptcy. That means the end of the line, no more Toys R Us. /
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Five more TRU stores closing

New day, new store closing announcement for Toys R Us. In other words, business as usual. This time it's five stores in New York, with nearly 300 people affected. For those interested, the five closing stores are in College Point, New York City... read more
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NICE? state facts, in regards to previous post

NICE? You meant to say FACT(S) I was harassed, lie to, taken advantage of, threatened, slapped with falsified information then let go. Who else has this happen to? Let your voice be heard! WE MATTER!
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It has started

Liquidation sales have started in stores that are slated for next and the following month. I feel deeply for all the employees working in those stores. I hope you find new and much better employment quickly... read more
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Can we transfer stores?

Anybody knows if those of us who are working at the closing stores will be given a chance to transfer to same positions at other Toys R Us stores if we are willing to travel? I'm still not sure I'd like to do that, but it'd be nice to know that is... read more
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Throw in the towel already.

For 2017, around 50% SSS loss over previous year in most stores. We know the final sentence, hurry up...
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5,000 to be laid off by TRU in 2018

My estimate about the site, 200 stores x 25 people per store... plus back end corporate jobs needed to support them. Management consolidation, etc. /
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It's just a matter of time

It looks like TRU is on the list of retailers that are on death watch for 2018. No real surprise there, I guess, but it still kills that little bit of hope I was holding on to. Right now we need a miracle to survive past this year, and I doubt it's... read more
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Liquidators hired...

(): Toys “R” Us has hired teams of liquidators, including Hilco Global and Gordon Brothers, to assess its store base, and is considering shutting down about 200 stores, according to people familiar with the matter... read more
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Excuses, ...Sales..Stop It Already,...

Ask the people affected by this why they were all laid off, your perspective and assumptions might change. If you havent been affected by this, sales and websites aren't the only reasons why this company is where it's at, just ask "Us" who have and... read more
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Media said Holiday sales were good

If even toy sales are down 15% at Christmas, how in the world could overall sales be good? On this board I see sears, wal-mart, all big retailers had a bad holiday season, REALLY bad. Don't tell me Amazon did it either, Amazon is a small fraction of... read more
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Hundreds of stores closings due to bad holiday sales

This is bad, really bad. There was no expected bump from holiday sales, on the contrary, so now instead of going down, the number of Toys R Us stores slated for closing has skyrocketed. It looks like between 100 and 200 stores will be shuttered... read more
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