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SW Vision 2018

Who attended the SW Vision 2018 circle jerk? We are being promised more training as a region which probably means more useless cornerstone classes. Because that’s working out so well when you find new hires half asleep during their on boarding... read more
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Whole Foods W2

Please let me know how I can download my W2 - I left in June - I was not laid off, I left on my own. I just need my W2, I am not even sure if they have my new home address - I am assuming this is a download somewhere on the website or that HR portal... read more
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Prepared foods leadership☢ lmr

I would like to know your thoughts on prepared foods leadership good and bad. Remember don't use names or it will be deleted. But do make sure it's detailed enough for us to know who you're talking about!.
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retail wars and tax cuts..

have you all been following all the shenanigans Walmart has been up to around the tax cut/bonuses/minimum wage increase..?? interesting thing in the closing of sams stores but also getting rid of 3500 co-managers(salaried postion) of stores to fill... read more
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Profits over People

Yet another weather event in Texas....and yet again the SW Regional Team acted slowly in their decision making about closing stores because of the weather. Freeways were closed and there were accidents everywhere, but let's stay open as long as... read more
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Rolling back some combined teams

Have they start rolling back combo teams in other regions? Just announced some Grobodys are breaking up if your store does over 600K and they are recreating the Whole Body regional team after destroying it just last year.
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Entirely empty shelves

Whole foods has a higher class problem that's leading to entirely empty shelves. Empty shelves have been routine before amazon. And it's nationwide.
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Is marketing team next?

Could be just a rumor but wondering if anyone else has heard of changes for the marketing team?
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How’s the ‘fixer-upper’ turning out?

Many analyst deemed the acquisition of (WFM by AMZN) as a ‘fixer-upper’ Some even deemed AMZN’s acquisition to that of an ‘expensive toy’ valued at just under $14b. Just how well is this going post a very busy holiday season. Or is this heading in... read more
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Why did Amazon even buy us?

The produce quality has been terrible since Amazon took over because instead of getting the first picks, we are now selling the 3rd picks. Look at the avocados we sell now... That is how they are lowering prices. Now the avocados WF sells are the... read more
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Produce TLs will be given the axe with new combo team announcements. Stay tuned
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1-2 ga per metro. Coming soon
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Holidays over

So with the holidays over when will amazon announce changes. Something will be coming down just a matter of when.
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Unionize! Ya ok...

Wfm employees...sorry...team members...are frightened little rabbits that will never have the balls to unionize...lol..keep dreaming though if it makes swallowing that much sh-- easier...f---n loosens...you’re a joke
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Whole Foods layoffs

Whole Foods is laying off in record numbers. This time they re calling it "separated" instead. Cover up the need to report mass lay offs. Genius. I heard it was not like this before. Has Amazon sunk in? What in the world are you talking about? Am I... read more
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the show's over folks

Get ready for the BIIIIG layoff coming 2018. It was fun while it lasted.
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Could it be time to organize?

I've been with the company for over eight years, now, and things seem to be going nowhere but downhill. We've seen labor cuts, increases in cost of benefits, the realignment, and positions being eliminated through team combination. I think we're... read more
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Time for Team Leaders to step up

This is the time where Team Leaders need to access their teams and start making the dead weight do their fair share. If they terminate someone they will not be allowed to rehire so, get the lazy ones moving and stop depending on your hard workers to... read more
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WDF STL resigned

Any word on why or what was up? Very sudden and unexplained.
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Nowhere to go but up

I keep reading posts here bemoaning Amazon and what it'll do to Whole Foods, but as somebody correctly asked in one of those threads, can things really get worse than they already have without Amazon's help? Whole Foods has been going downhill for... read more
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How is labor at your store? many stores in my region are missing labor. Yet they keep reducing our labor budget
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Hey Alexia

Next you send in your Amazon cronies to take pictures, don't lie to our faces that you are taking pictures of the lockers while you take 500 millioon pictures of the loading docks, backroom, bakery, PDFS and one picture of the lockers, unplug your... read more
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Someone got it all wrong

From a bogus job fair hiring 6000 to a hiring freeze in less than 30 days, what a freaking publicity stunt that was.....We can’t even make labor on a severely understaffed team. I cringe when I walk by the 2 checkout lanes during lunch rush and the... read more
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Lmr ppfd atls are a joke they don't even care, oh and dont get me started on how they will put anyone in a supervisor position that has a no call no show and no prior experience in leadership yet he's been told its a done deal with less than 6 months... read more
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We can't do jobs of five people

Since templates69.rus in 2015, they have been stretching some team members to their very limits while firing others to save on labor. One person can't do the jobs of five people well. This is what annoys me the most, and it keeps happening. People get... read more
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What Whole Foods might become...

Ruh roh.../ Amazon didn’t waste any time changing up Whole Foods Market after officially acquiring the organic and natural foods retailer on Aug. 28 and lowering prices on several items, including... read more
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